Skylanders Giants Figures

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Below you will find pictures of all the Skylanders characters released with Skylanders Giants. This includes all core Skylanders, LightCore Skylanders, Magic Items, and variants.

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Giant Skylanders



Eye-Brawl - GiantEye-Brawl

Hot HeadHot Head




Tree RexTree Rex

New (Series 1) Skylanders

Chill - Series 1Chill

Flashwing - Series 1Flashwing

Fright Rider - Series 1Fright Rider

Hot Dog - Series 1Hot Dog

Jet-Vac - Series 1Jet-Vac

Pop Fizz - Series 1Pop Fizz

Shroomboom - Series 1Shroomboom

Sprocket - Series 1Sprocket

Returning (Series 2) Skylanders

Bash - Series 2Bash

Chop Chop - Series 2Chop Chop

Cynder - Series 2Cynder

Double Trouble - Series 2Double Trouble

Drill Sergeant - Series 2Drill Sergeant

Drobot - Series 2Drobot

Eruptor - Series 2Eruptor

Flameslinger - Series 2Flameslinger

Gill Grunt - Series 2Gill Grunt

Hex - Series 2Hex

Ignitor - Series 2Ignitor

Lightning Rod - Series 2Lightning Rod

Prism Break - Series 2Prism Break

Slam Bam - Series 2Slam Bam

Sonic Boom - Series 2Sonic Boom

Spyro - Series 2Spyro

Stealth Elf - Series 2Stealth Elf

Stump Smash - Series 2Stump Smash

Terrafin - Series 2Terrafin

Trigger Happy - Series 2Trigger Happy

Whirlwind - Series 2Whirlwind

Wrecking Ball - Series 2Wrecking Ball

Zap - Series 2Zap

Zook - Series 2Zook

LightCore Skylanders

Chill LightCoreChill LightCore

Drobot LightCoreDrobot LightCore

Eruptor LightCoreEruptor LightCore

LightCore HexHex LightCore

Jet-Vac LightCoreJet-Vac LightCore

LightCore Pop FizzPop Fizz LightCore

Prism Break LightCorePrism Break LightCore

LightCore ShroomboomShroomboom LightCore

Skylanders Giants Magic Items (with Variants)

Dragonfire CannonDragonfire Cannon

Golden Dragonfire CannonGolden Dragonfire Cannon

Platinum Treasure ChestPlatinum Treasure Chest

Scorpion Striker CatapultScorpion Striker Catapult

Skylanders Giants In-Game Variants

Gnarly Tree RexGnarly Tree Rex

Granite CrusherGranite Crusher

Jade FlashwingJade Flashwing

Legendary BouncerLegendary Bouncer

Legendary LightCore ChillLegendary LightCore Chill

Legendary IgnitorLegendary Ignitor

Legendary Jet-VacLegendary Jet-Vac

Legendary Slam BamLegendary Slam Bam

Legendary Stealth ElfLegendary Stealth Elf

Molten Hot DogMolten Hot Dog

Polar WhirlwindPolar Whirlwind

Punch Pop FizzPunch Pop Fizz

Royal Double TroubleRoyal Double Trouble

Scarlet NinjiniScarlet Ninjini

Sidekick BarkleySidekick Barkley

Sidekick Eye-SmallSidekick Eye Small

Sidekick Mini JiniSidekick Mini Jini

Sidekick ThumplingSidekick Thumpling

Skylanders Giants Chase Variants

Double Trouble 1.5Double Trouble 1.5

E3 Bronze Color Shift Hot DogE3 Hot Dog

Employee Edition LightCore Prism BreakEmployee Edition LightCore Prism Break

Glow-In-The-Dark CynderGlow-in-the-Dark Cynder

Glow-In-The-Dark Fright RiderGlow-in-the-Dark Fright Rider

Glow-In-The-Dark Sonic BoomGlow-in-the-Dark Sonic Boom

Golden Flameslinger - Amazon ExclusiveGolden Flameslinger

Halloween Fright RiderHalloween Fright Rider

Metallic Blue Chop ChopMetallic Blue Chop Chop

Special Edition Metallic Green Gill GruntMetallic Green Gill Grunt

Metallic Green ShroomboomMetallic Green Shroomboom

Metallic Purple Eye-BrawlMetallic Eye-Brawl

Metallic Purple Lightning RodMetallic Lightning Rod

Metallic Purple Wrecking BallMetallic Wrecking Ball

Pumpkin Eye-BrawlPumpkin Eye-Brawl

Sparkle Hot HeadSparkle Hot Head

Sparkle Sonic BoomSparkle Sonic Boom

Sparkle SprocketSparkle Sprocket

Stone WhirlwindStone Whirlwind

Stone ZookStone Zook

White Flocked EruptorWhite Flocked Eruptor

White Flocked LightCore Prism BreakWhite Flocked LightCore Prism Break

White Flocked Stump SmashWhite Flocked Stump Smash