Below you will find pictures of all the Skylanders characters released with Skylanders Giants. This includes all core Skylanders, LightCore Skylanders, Magic Items, and variants.

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Giant Skylanders

Hot Head
Tree Rex

New (Series 1) Skylanders

Chill - Series 1
Flashwing - Series 1
Fright Rider - Series 1
Hot Dog - Series 1
Jet-Vac - Series 1
Pop Fizz - Series 1
Shroomboom - Series 1
Sprocket - Series 1

Returning (Series 2) Skylanders

Bash - Series 2
Chop Chop - Series 2
Cynder - Series 2
Double Trouble - Series 2
Drill Sergeant - Series 2
Drobot - Series 2
Eruptor - Series 2
Flameslinger - Series 2
Gill Grunt - Series 2
Hex - Series 2
Ignitor - Series 2
Lightning Rod - Series 2
Prism Break - Series 2
Slam Bam - Series 2
Sonic Boom - Series 2
Spyro - Series 2
Stealth Elf - Series 2
Stump Smash - Series 2
Terrafin - Series 2
Trigger Happy - Series 2
Whirlwind - Series 2
Wrecking Ball - Series 2
Zap - Series 2
Zook - Series 2

LightCore Skylanders

LightCore Chill
LightCore Drobot
LightCore Eruptor
LightCore Hex
LightCore Jet-Vac
LightCore Pop Fizz
LightCore Prism Break
LightCore Shroomboom

Skylanders Giants Magic Items (with Variants)

Dragonfire Cannon
Golden Dragonfire Cannon
Platinum Treasure Chest
Scorpion Striker Catapult

Skylanders Giants In-Game Variants

Gnarly Tree Rex
Granite Crusher
Jade Flashwing
Legendary Bouncer
Legendary LightCore Chill
Legendary Ignitor
Legendary Jet-Vac
Legendary Slam Bam
Legendary Stealth Elf
Molten Hot Dog
Polar Whirlwind
Punch Pop Fizz
Royal Double Trouble
Scarlet Ninjini
Sidekick Barkley
Sidekick Eye Small
Sidekick Mini Jini
Sidekick Thumpling

Skylanders Giants Chase Variants

Double Trouble 1.5
E3 Hot Dog
Employee Edition LightCore Prism Break
Glow in the Dark Cynder
Glow in the Dark Fright Rider
Glow in the Dark Sonic Boom
Golden Flameslinger
Halloween Fright Rider
Metallic Blue Chop Chop
Metallic Green Gill Grunt
Metallic Green Shroomboom
Metallic Purple Eye-Brawl
Metallic Purple Lightning Rod
Metallic Purple Wrecking Ball
Pumpkin Eye-Brawl
Sparkle Hot Head
Sparkle Sonic Boom
Sparkle Sprocket
Stone Whirlwind
Stone Zook
White Flocked Eruptor
White Flocked LightCore Prism Break
White Flocked Stump Smash