Eon’s Elite

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Eon's Elite are a special variant that was introduced during Skylanders Trap Team.

This subset includes some of the most iconic Skylanders. For this edition Eon's Elite have received a shiny, metallic paint job which includes a gold base. The figures also have a clear base as they do not officially belong to one particular game.

All Eon's Elite figures also come in a special collector's display case which features a 3D lenticular background.

Aside from the upgraded aesthetics, Eon's Elite figures have been upgraded in the game (these upgrades will only be available in Trap Team). Each character will be up to three times stronger than their original figure giving these heroes a distinct advantage in battle.

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Released with SuperChargers

Eon's Elite BoomerBoomer

Eon's Elite Dino-RangDino-Rang

Eon's Elite Ghost RoasterGhost Roaster

Eon's Elite Slam BamSlam Bam

Eon's Elite VoodoodVoodood

Eon's Elite ZookZook

Released with Trap Team

Eon's Elite Chop ChopChop Chop

Eon's Elite EruptorEruptor

Eon's Elite Gill GruntGill Grunt

Eon's Elite SpyroSpyro

Eon's Elite Stealth ElfStealth Elf

Eon's Elite TerrafinTerrafin

Eon's Elite Trigger HappyTrigger Happy

Eon's Elite WhirlwindWhirlwind