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Skylanders Trap Team is the fourth game in the Skylanders series. Below you will find pictures of every figure and links to get all the information you need on each character.

When all is said and done, the Trap Team release will include:

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Trap Master Skylanders

Blastermind - Trap MasterBlastermind

Trap Master - Bush WhackBushwhack

Enigma - Trap MasterEnigma

Trap Master - GearshiftGearshift

Trap Master - GustoGusto

Trap Master - Head RushHead Rush

Jawbreaker - Trap MasterJawbreaker

Trap Master - KaboomKa-Boom

Knight Light - Trap MasterKnight Light

Knight Mare - Trap MasterKnight Mare

Trap Master - Krypt KingKrypt King

Trap Master - Lob-StarLob-Star

Trap Master - Short CutShort Cut

Trap Master - Snap ShotSnap Shot

Thunderbolt - Trap MasterThunderbolt

Tuff Luck - Trap MasterTuff Luck

Wallop - Trap MasterWallop

Wildfire - Trap MasterWildfire

New (Series 1) Skylanders

Bat Spin - Series 1Bat Spin

Blackout - Series 1Blackout

Blades - Series 1Blades

Chopper - Series 1Chopper

Cobra Cadabra - Series 1Cobra Cadabra

Deja Vu - Series 1Deja Vu

Echo - Series 1Echo

Fist Bump - Series 1Fist Bump

Fling KongFling Kong

Flip WreckFlip Wreck

Food Fight - Series 1Food Fight

Funny Bone - Series 1Funny Bone

High Five - Series 1High Five

Rocky Roll - Series 1Rocky Roll

Spotlight - Series 1Spotlight

Torch - Series 1Torch

Trail Blazer - Series 1Trail Blazer

Tread Head - Series 1Tread Head

Returning (Series 2, 3, and 4) Skylanders

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz - Series 3Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz (S3)

Full Blast Jet-Vac - Series 3Full Blast Jet-Vac (S3)

Hog Wild Fryno - Series 2Hog Wild Fryno (S2)

Sure Shot Shroomboom - Series 2Sure Shot Shroomboom (S2)

Tidal Wave Gill Grunt - Series 4Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (S4)

Mini Skylanders

Mini BarkleyBarkley

Mini BopBop

Mini BreezeBreeze

Mini DrobitDrobit

Mini Eye-SmallEye Small

Mini Gill RuntGill Runt

Mini HijinxHijinx

Mini Mini JiniMini Jini

Mini Pet VacPet Vac

Mini Small FrySmall Fry

Mini SprySpry

Mini TerrabiteTerrabite

Mini ThumpingThumpling

Mini Trigger SnappyTrigger Snappy

Mini WeeruptorWeeruptor

Mini Whisper ElfWhisper Elf

Trap Team – Magic Items (with Variants)

Hand of FateHand of Fate

Legendary Hand of FateLegendary Hand of Fate

Midnight MuseumMidnight Museum

Mirror of MysteryMirror of Mystery

Nightmare ExpressNightmare Express

Piggy BankPiggy Bank

Rocket RamRocket Ram

Sunscraper SpireSunscraper Spire

Tiki SpeakyTiki Speaky

Skylanders Trap Team In-Game Variants

Dark Food FightDark Food Fight

Dark Snap ShotDark Snap Shot

Dark WildfireDark Wildfire

Eggsellent WeeruptorEggsellent Weeruptor

Gnarly BarkleyGnarly Barkley

King Cobra CadabraKing Cobra Cadabra

Legendary BladesLegendary Blades

Legendary BushwhackLegendary Bushwhack

Legendary Deja VuLegendary Deja Vu

Legendary JawbreakerLegendary Jawbreaker

Love Potion Pop FizzLove Potion Pop Fizz

Nitro Head RushNitro Head Rush

Nitro Krypt KingNitro Krypt King

Power Punch Pet VacPower Punch Pet Vac

Winterfest Lob-StarWinterfest Lob-Star

Skylanders Trap Team Chase Variants

Clear Short CutClear Short Cut

Clear ThunderboltClear Thunderbolt

Clear Tuff Luck - Trap MasterClear Tuff Luck

Trap Team – Traptanium Crystal Traps

Air Hourglass TrapAir Hourglass
(Tempest Timer)

Air Jughead TrapAir Jughead
(Drafty Decanter)

Air Screamer TrapAir Screamer
(Storm Warning)

Air Snake TrapAir Snake
(Cloudy Cobra)

Air Sword TrapAir Sword
(Cyclone Sabre)

Air Toucan TrapAir Toucan
(Breezy Bird)

Dark Handstand TrapDark Handstand
(Ghastly Grimace)

Dark Spider TrapDark Spider
(Shadow Spider)

Dark Sword TrapDark Sword
(Dark Dagger)

Earth Hammer TrapEarth Hammer
(Slag Hammer)

Earth Handstand TrapEarth Handstand
(Rubble Trouble)

Earth Hourglass TrapEarth Hourglass
(Dust of Time)

Earth Orb TrapEarth Orb
(Banded Boulder)

Earth Totem TrapEarth Totem
(Spinning Sandstorm)

Earth Toucan TrapEarth Toucan
(Rock Hawk)

Fire Captain's Hat TrapFire Captain's Hat
(Spark Spear)

Fire Scepter TrapFire Scepter
(Fire Flower)

Fire Screamer TrapFire Screamer
(Scorching Stopper)

Fire Torch TrapFire Torch
(Eternal Flame)

Fire Totem TrapFire Totem
(Searing Spinner)

Fire Yawn TrapFire Yawn
(Blazing Belch)

Kaos TrapKaos Trap

Life Hammer TrapLife Hammer
(Weed Whacker)

Life Snake TrapLife Snake
(Seed Serpent)

Life Sword TrapLife Sword
(Jade Blade)

Life Torch TrapLife Torch
(Emerald Energy)

Life Toucan TrapLife Toucan
(Oak Eagle)

Life Yawn TrapLife Yawn
(Shrub Shrieker)

Light Owl TrapLight Owl
(Heavenly Hawk)

Light Rocket TrapLight Rocket
(Shining Ship)

Light Yawn TrapLight Yawn
(Beam Scream)

Magic Axe TrapMagic Axe
(Axe of Illusion)

Magic Hourglass TrapMagic Hourglass
(Arcane Hourglass)

Magic Log Holder TrapMagic Log Holder
(Biter's Bane)

Magic Rocket TrapMagic Rocket
(Rune Rocket)

Magic Skull TrapMagic Skull
(Sorcerous Skull)

Magic Totem TrapMagic Totem
(Spell Slapper)

Tech Angel TrapTech Angel
(Automatic Angel)

Tech Flying Helmet TrapTech Flying Helmet
(Makers Mana)

Tech Hand TrapTech Hand
(Grabbing Gadget)

Tech Handstand TrapTech Handstand
(Topsy Techy)

Tech Scepter TrapTech Scepter
(Factory Flower)

Tech Tiki TrapTech Tiki
(Tech Totem)

Undead Axe TrapUndead Axe
(Haunted Hatchet)

Undead Captain's Hat TrapUndead Captain's Hat
(Dream Piercer)

Undead Hand TrapUndead Hand
(Grim Gripper)

Undead Orb TrapUndead Orb
(Spirit Sphere)

Undead Skull TrapUndead Skull
(Spectral Skull)

Undead Snake TrapUndead Snake
(Spooky Snake)

Water Angel TrapWater Angel
(Soaking Staff)

Water Axe TrapWater Axe
(Aqua Axe)

Water Flying Helmet TrapWater Flying Helmet
(Frost Helm)

Water Jughead TrapWater Jughead
(Flood Flask)

Water Log Holder TrapWater Log Holder
(Wet Walter)

Water Tiki TrapWater Tiki
(Tidal Tiki)

Trap Team – Traptanium Crystal Trap Variants

Easter Bunny Earth TrapEaster Bunny Earth Trap

Legendary Undead Orb TrapLegendary Undead Orb

Legendary Undead Skull TrapLegendary Undead Skull

Legendary Water Jughead TrapLegendary Water Jughead

Ultimate Kaos TrapUltimate Kaos Trap
(Dark Edition Variant)

“Most Wanted” Trappable Villains

Bad JujuBad Juju


Bomb ShellBomb Shell

Bone ChompyBone Chompy

Brawl And ChainBrawl and Chain


Broccoli GuyBroccoli Guy

Bruiser CruiserBruiser Cruiser

Buzzer BeakBuzzer Beak

Chef Pepper JackChef Pepper Jack
(Doom Raider)

Chill BillChill Bill

Chomp ChestChomp Chest


Chompy MageChompy Mage
(Doom Raider)

Cross CrowCross Crow

Cuckoo ClockerCuckoo Clocker

Dr. KrankcaseDr. Krankcase
(Doom Raider)

(Doom Raider)

Eye FiveEye Five

Eye ScreamEye Scream


Golden QueenGolden Queen
(Doom Raider)

Grave ClobberGrave Clobber


(Doom Raider)

Hood SickleHood Sickle

(Doom Raider)


Lob GoblinLob Goblin

(Doom Raider)

Mab LobsMab Lobs

Masker MindMasker Mind

(Doom Raider)


Rage MageRage Mage

Scrap ShooterScrap Shooter

Sheep CreepSheep Creep

Shield ShredderShield Shredder


Slobber TrapSlobber Trap

Smoke ScreamSmoke Scream

Tae Kwon CrowTae Kwon Crow


Trolling ThunderTrolling Thunder

Tussle SproutTussle Sprout

(Doom Raider)

“Most Wanted” Trappable Villain Variants

Outlaw Brawl And ChainOutlaw Brawl and Chain

Rebel Lob GoblinRebel Lob Goblin

Red Hot Tussle SproutRed Hot Tussle Sprout

Riot Shield ShredderRiot Shield Shredder

Steamed Broccoli GuySteamed Broccoli Guy

Steampunk ShrednaughtSteampunk Shrednaught