Trap Team Release Dates

Skylanders figures are released in Waves. Each of the first three Skylanders games gave us 5 Waves. We are expecting the same for Trap Team.

Below you will find the latest information regarding the Trap Team Waves and their associated release dates.

NOTE: All dates found on this page are for US releases. Dates may vary in other countries.

Wave 1 – October 5, 2014

Krypt King
Snap Shot

Food Fight
Funny Bone

Sure Shot Shroomboom
Tidal Wave Gill Grunt

Eye Small
Mini Jini
Trigger Snappy

Nightmare Express Adventure Pack (Blades)

Dark Food Fight
Dark Snap Shot
Dark Wildfire
Legendary Jawbreaker
Nitro Krypt King

Legendary Nightmare Express Adventure Pack (Legendary Blades)

Buddy Pack #1 (Tidal Wave Gill Grunt & Gill Runt)

*** Only available in Wave 1 with pre-order.

Air Jughead Trap
Earth Hammer Trap
Earth Orb Trap
Fire Scepter Trap
Fire Torch Trap
Life Torch Trap
Magic Log Holder
Magic Skull Trap
Tech Scepter Trap
Undead Orb Trap
Undead Skull Trap
Water Jughead Trap
Water Log Holder Trap

Wave 2
Toys R Us (Early Release) – October 7, 2014
Everywhere – October 12, 2014

Head Rush

Fist Bump
Tread Head

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
Full Blast Jet-Vac
Hog Wild Fryno

Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack (Deja Vu)

Buddy Pack #2 (Hog Wild Fryno & Small Fry)

Eon's Elite Spyro – November 1st
Eon's Elite Chop Chop – November 1st

Legendary Deja Vu – November 2nd

Legendary Micro Comic Fun Pack #1
(Legendary Water Jughead Trap) – November 2nd
Legendary Micro Comic Fun Pack #2
(Legendary Undead Orb Trap) – November 9th
Legendary Micro Comic Fun Pack #3
(Legendary Undead Skull Trap) – November 16th

Eon's Elite Trigger Happy – November 28th

Winterfest Lob-Star – December 7th
Eon's Elite Whirlwind – December 7th

Air Hourglass Trap
Air Screamer Trap
Air Toucan Trap
Earth Hourglass Trap
Earth Toucan Trap
Fire Screamer Trap
Kaos Trap
Life Toucan Trap
Magic Axe Trap
Magic Hourglass Trap
Tech Angel Trap
Tech Hand Trap
Undead Axe Trap
Undead Hand Trap
Water Angel Trap
Water Axe Trap

Wave 3
Toys R Us (Early Release) – December 21, 2014
Everywhere – January 2015

Tuff Luck

Bat Spin (Outside US Only)
Cobra Cadabra
High Five (Outside US Only)
Trail Blazer

Gill Runt – December 4th (First spotted at TRU)
Small Fry – December 4th
Thumpling – December 4th
Weeruptor – December 4th

Light Expansion Pack
Knight Light
Light Owl Trap
Sunscraper Spire

Dark Expansion Pack
Knight Mare
Dark Spider Trap
Midnight Museum

Eon's Elite Stealth Elf – December 18th
Eon's Elite Terrafin – December 18th

Love Potion Pop Fizz – February 1st

Legendary Bushwhack – February 15th
Nitro Head Rush – February 15th

Air Snake Trap
Earth Totem Trap
Fire Totem Trap
Life Snake Trap
Magic Totem Trap
Tech Flying Helmet Trap
Undead Snake Trap
Water Flying Helmet Trap

Wave 4
Toys R Us (Early Release) – March 19, 2015
Everywhere – March 22, 2015

Knight Light – Single Pack
Knight Mare – Single Pack
Short Cut

Rocky Roll

Pet Vac
Whisper Elf

Eon's Elite Eruptor – April 20th
Eon's Elite Gill Grunt – April 20th

Air Sword Trap
Dark Handstand Trap
Dark Sword Trap
Earth Handstand Trap
Fire Captain's Hat Trap
Life Sword Trap
Light Rocket Trap
Magic Rocket Trap
Tech Handstand Trap
Undead Cpatain's Hat Trap

Wave 5 – Various Dates

Enigma – May 1st (TRU first, everywhere now)

Fling Kong – May 15th (TRU first, everywhere now)
Flip Wreck – May 15th (TRU first, everywhere now)

Gnarly Barkley – June 3rd (TRU Exclusive)

King Cobra Cadabra – June 27th (GameStop Exclusive)

Remaining Unreleased Figures
These are confirmed figures with unconfirmed release dates. These figures will make up Wave 5 (and any subsequent releases Activision has decided to make this year).

Fire Yawn Trap
Life Yawn Trap
Light Yawn Trap