Skylanders figures are released in Waves. Each of the first three Skylanders games gave us 5 Waves. We are expecting the same for Trap Team.

Below you will find the latest information regarding the Trap Team Waves and their associated release dates.

NOTE: All dates found on this page are for US releases. Dates may vary in other countries.

Wave 1 – October 5, 2014

Wave 2
Toys R Us (Early Release) – October 7, 2014
Everywhere – October 12, 2014

Head Rush

Fist Bump
Tread Head

Fizzy Frenzy Pop Fizz
Full Blast Jet-Vac
Hog Wild Fryno

Mirror of Mystery Adventure Pack (Deja Vu)

Buddy Pack #2 (Hog Wild Fryno & Small Fry)

Eon's Elite Spyro – November 1st
Eon's Elite Chop Chop – November 1st

Legendary Deja Vu – November 2nd

Legendary Micro Comic Fun Pack #1
(Legendary Water Jughead Trap) – November 2nd
Legendary Micro Comic Fun Pack #2
(Legendary Undead Orb Trap) – November 9th
Legendary Micro Comic Fun Pack #3
(Legendary Undead Skull Trap) – November 16th

Eon's Elite Trigger Happy – November 28th

Winterfest Lob-Star – December 7th
Eon's Elite Whirlwind – December 7th

Wave 3
Toys R Us (Early Release) – December 21, 2014
Everywhere – January 2015

Tuff Luck

Bat Spin (Outside US Only)
Cobra Cadabra
High Five (Outside US Only)
Trail Blazer

Gill Runt – December 4th (First spotted at TRU)
Small Fry – December 4th
Thumpling – December 4th
Weeruptor – December 4th

Light Expansion Pack
Knight Light
Light Owl Trap
Sunscraper Spire

Dark Expansion Pack
Knight Mare
Dark Spider Trap
Midnight Museum

Eon's Elite Stealth Elf – December 18th
Eon's Elite Terrafin – December 18th

Love Potion Pop Fizz – February 1st

Legendary Bushwhack – February 15th
Nitro Head Rush – February 15th

Wave 4
Toys R Us (Early Release) – March 19, 2015
Everywhere – March 22, 2015

Wave 5 – Various Dates

Enigma – May 1st (TRU first, everywhere now)

Fling Kong – May 15th (TRU first, everywhere now)
Flip Wreck – May 15th (TRU first, everywhere now)

Gnarly Barkley – June 3rd (TRU Exclusive)

King Cobra Cadabra – June 27th (GameStop Exclusive)

Remaining Unreleased Figures
These are confirmed figures with unconfirmed release dates. These figures will make up Wave 5 (and any subsequent releases Activision has decided to make this year).

Fire Yawn Trap
Life Yawn Trap
Light Yawn Trap