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Skylanders Imaginators

Chain Reaction - Skylanders ImaginatorsChain Reaction

Dr. KrankcaseDr. Krankcase

Dr. Neo Cortex - Skylanders ImaginatorsDr. Neo Cortex

Ro-Bow - Skylanders ImaginatorsRo-Bow

Skylanders SuperChargers

Barrel BlasterBarrel Blaster

Double Dare Trigger HappyDouble Dare Trigger Happy

Gold RusherGold Rusher

High VoltHigh Volt

Shield StrikerShield Striker

Skylanders Trap Team

Chopper - Series 1Chopper

Mini DrobitDrobit

Trap Master - GearshiftGearshift

Jawbreaker - Trap MasterJawbreaker

Tread Head - Series 1Tread Head

Mini Trigger SnappyTrigger Snappy

Skylanders SWAP Force

Big Bang Trigger Happy - Series 3Big Bang Trigger Happy (S3)

Countdown - Series 1Countdown

LightCore CountdownCountdown LightCore

Heavy Duty Sprocket - Series 2Heavy Duty Sprocket (S2)

Magna ChargeMagna Charge

Spy RiseSpy Rise

Wind-Up - Series 1Wind-Up

Skylanders Giants


Drill Sergeant - Series 2Drill Sergeant

Drobot - Series 2Drobot

Drobot LightCoreDrobot LightCore

Sprocket - Series 1Sprocket

Trigger Happy - Series 2Trigger Happy

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Boomer - Series 1Boomer

Drill Sergeant - Series 1Drill Sergeant

Drobot - Series 1Drobot

Trigger Happy - Series 1Trigger Happy