Trap Masters

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Trap Masters are the Skylanders being showcased in Skylanders Trap Team. They are smaller than the Giants, but still larger than your average Skylander.

Each Trap Master wields a large transparent weapon made out of Traptanium. These Traptanium weapons are the only thing that can destroy the Traptanium shards scattered around the Skylands.

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Trap Master Skylanders

Blastermind - Trap MasterBlastermind

Trap Master - Bush WhackBushwhack

Enigma - Trap MasterEnigma

Trap Master - GearshiftGearshift

Trap Master - GustoGusto

Trap Master - Head RushHead Rush

Jawbreaker - Trap MasterJawbreaker

Trap Master - KaboomKa-Boom

Knight Light - Trap MasterKnight Light

Knight Mare - Trap MasterKnight Mare

Trap Master - Krypt KingKrypt King

Trap Master - Lob-StarLob-Star

Trap Master - Short CutShort Cut

Trap Master - Snap ShotSnap Shot

Thunderbolt - Trap MasterThunderbolt

Tuff Luck - Trap MasterTuff Luck

Wallop - Trap MasterWallop

Wildfire - Trap MasterWildfire