Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Figures

Below you will be able to find pictures of the 32 original Skylanders characters from Spyro's Adventure. You will also find all of the variants and items included in the Adventure Packs.

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All Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Characters

Bash - Series 1Bash

Boomer - Series 1Boomer

Camo - Series 1Camo

Chop Chop - Series 1Chop Chop

Cynder - Series 1Cynder

Dino-Rang - Series 1Dino-Rang

Double Trouble - Series 1Double Trouble

Drill Sergeant - Series 1Drill Sergeant

Drobot - Series 1Drobot

Eruptor - Series 1Eruptor

Flameslinger - Series 1Flameslinger

Ghost Roaster - Series 1Ghost Roaster

Gill Grunt - Series 1Gill Grunt

Hex - Series 1Hex

Ignitor - Series 1Ignitor

Lightning Rod - Series 1Lightning Rod

Prism Break - Series 1Prism Break

Slam Bam - Series 1Slam Bam

Sonic Boom - Series 1Sonic Boom

Spyro - Series 1Spyro

Stealth Elf - Series 1Stealth Elf

Stump Smash - Series 1Stump Smash

Sunburn - Series 1Sunburn

Terrafin - Series 1Terrafin

Trigger Happy - Series 1Trigger Happy

Voodood - Series 1Voodood

Warnado - Series 1Warnado

Wham-Shell - Series 1Wham-Shell

Whirlwind - Series 1Whirlwind

Wrecking Ball - Series 1Wrecking Ball

Zap - Series 1Zap

Zook - Series 1Zook

Spyro's Adventure Magic Items and Levels

Anvil RainAnvil Rain

Darklight CryptDarklight Crypt

Dragons PeakDragon's Peak

Ghost SwordsGhost Swords

Healing ElixirHealing Elixir

Hidden TreasureHidden Treasure

Empire of IceIce Cave

Pirate ShipPirate Ship

Sky-Iron ShieldSky-Iron Shield

Sparx DragonflySparx Dragonfly

Time TwisterTime Twister

Volcanic VaultVolcanic Vault

Winged BootsWinged Boots

Spyro's Adventure In-Game Variants

Dark SpyroDark Spyro

Legendary BashLegendary Bash

Legendary Chop ChopLegendary Chop Chop

Legendary SpyroLegendary Spyro

Legendary Trigger HappyLegendary Trigger Happy

Sidekick Gill RuntSidekick Gill Runt

Sidekick TerrabiteSidekick Terrabite

Sidekick Trigger SnappySidekick Trigger Snappy

Sidekick Whisper ElfSidekick Whisper Elf

Spyro's Adventure Chase Variants

Blue BashBlue Bash

Chrome SpyroChrome Spyro

Crystal Clear CynderCrystal Clear Cynder

Crystal Clear Stealth ElfCrystal Clear Stealth Elf

Crystal Clear Wham-ShellCrystal Clear Wham-Shell

Crystal Clear WhirlwindCrystal Clear Whirlwind

Flocked Stump SmashFlocked Stump Smash

Glow-in-the-Dark WarnadoGlow-in-the-Dark Warnado

Glow-In-The-Dark WreckingBallGlow-in-the-Dark Wrecking Ball

Glow-In-The-Dark ZapGlow-in-the-Dark Zap

Gold Chop ChopGold Chop Chop

Gold Drill SergeantGold Drill Sergeant

Gold FlameslingerGold Flameslinger

Green Gill GruntGreen Gill Grunt

Metallic Purple CynderMetallic Purple Cynder

Pearl HexPearl Hex

Red CamoRed Camo

Red Drill SergeantRed Drill Sergeant

Silver BoomerSilver Boomer

Silver Dino-RangSilver Dino-Rang

Silver EruptorSilver Eruptor