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Skylanders Imaginators

Ember - Skylanders ImaginatorsEmber

Flare Wolf - Skylanders ImaginatorsFlarewolf

Tae Kwon Crow - Skylanders ImaginatorsTae Kwon Crow

Skylanders SuperChargers


Hammer Slam BowserHammer Slam Bowser

Hot StreakHot Streak

Lava Lance EruptorLava Lance Eruptor

SuperCharger SpitfireSpitfire

Skylanders Trap Team

Hog Wild Fryno - Series 2Hog Wild Fryno (S2)

Trap Master - KaboomKa-Boom

Mini Small FrySmall Fry

Torch - Series 1Torch

Trail Blazer - Series 1Trail Blazer

Mini WeeruptorWeeruptor

Wildfire - Trap MasterWildfire

Skylanders SWAP Force

Blast ZoneBlast Zone

Fire Bone Hot Dog - Series 2Fire Bone Hot Dog

Fire KrakenFire Kraken

Fryno - Series 1Fryno

Lava Barf Eruptor - Series 3Lava Barf Eruptor (S3)

Smolderdash - Series 1Smolderdash

LightCore SmolderdashSmolderdash LightCore

Skylanders Giants

Eruptor - Series 2Eruptor

Eruptor LightCoreEruptor LightCore

Flameslinger - Series 2Flameslinger

Hot Dog - Series 1Hot Dog

Hot HeadHot Head

Ignitor - Series 2Ignitor

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Eruptor - Series 1Eruptor

Flameslinger - Series 1Flameslinger

Ignitor - Series 1Ignitor

Sunburn - Series 1Sunburn