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Skylanders Imaginators

Ambush - Skylanders ImaginatorsAmbush

Boom BloomBoom Bloom

Chompy MageChompy Mage

Crash Bandicoot - Life BrawlerCrash Bandicoot

Skylanders SuperChargers

Buzz WingBuzz Wing

Stealth StingerStealth Stinger

SuperCharger - Super Shot Stealth ElfSuper Shot Stealth Elf


Turbo Charge Donkey KongTurbo Charge Donkey Kong

Skylanders Trap Team

Mini BarkleyBarkley

Trap Master - Bush WhackBushwhack

Food Fight - Series 1Food Fight

High Five - Series 1High Five

Sure Shot Shroomboom - Series 2Sure Shot Shroomboom (S2)

Tuff Luck - Trap MasterTuff Luck

Mini Whisper ElfWhisper Elf

Skylanders SWAP Force

Bumble Blast - Series 1Bumble Blast

LightCore Bumble BlastBumble Blast LightCore

Grilla DrillaGrilla Drilla

Ninja Stealth Elf - Series 3Ninja Stealth Elf (S3)

Stink BombStink Bomb

Thorn Horn Camo - Series 2Thorn Horn Camo (S2)

Zoo Lou - Series 1Zoo Lou

Skylanders Giants

Shroomboom - Series 1Shroomboom

LightCore ShroomboomShroomboom LightCore

Stealth Elf - Series 2Stealth Elf

Stump Smash - Series 2Stump Smash

Tree RexTree Rex

Zook - Series 2Zook

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Camo - Series 1Camo

Stealth Elf - Series 1Stealth Elf

Stump Smash - Series 1Stump Smash

Zook - Series 1Zook