Skylanders 101 presented by SCL

What are Early Release Dates?

Most Skylanders have a release date or a street date. This date typically applies to all retailers nationwide.

However, from time to time select retailers are granted special privileges that allow them to sell figures prior to the nationwide release. Early Release Dates are usually 2-4 weeks in advance of the nationwide release. After this time all stores will be allowed to sell the product.

It should be noted that Toys R Us has a very close relationship with the Skylanders franchise and therefore they are often the recipient of these Early Release Dates.

On the other hand, other major retailers, such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and GameStop, have all had their shot at Early Release Dates over the years.

The biggest point I want to make here is that just because you see the newest Skylanders out at one store, it does not automatically mean that they will be available at all stores. It is possible for different stores to have different release dates.

How to Keep Track of Release Dates

Because release dates can be hard to keep track of, I do my best here on SCL to keep you informed of all the release information.

I highly recommend that you follow SCL on Facebook as that is where I can provide you with the fastest updates.

Additionally, you can always look up past, present, and future release date information right here on SCL. Links to these pages can be found directly below as well as in the main menu.

Most people don't realize that the Waves are actually released on a fairly regular basis from year to year. So while we might not have an exact release date for the next Wave it is very easy to make an educated guess. Take a few minutes to compare the release date lists and I think you'll see what I mean.