Skylanders figures are released in Waves. Each of the first two Skylanders games gave us 5 Waves. We are expecting the same for SWAP Force.

Below you will find the latest information regarding the SWAP Force Waves and their associated release dates.

NOTE: All dates found on this page are for US releases. Dates may vary in other countries.

Wave 1 – October 13, 2013

Blast Zone
Free Ranger
Hoot Loop
Magna Charge
Rattle Shake
Wash Buckler

Roller Brawl
Slobber Tooth
Zoo Lou

Blizzard Chill
Lava Barf Eruptor
Mega Ram Spyro
Ninja Stealth Elf
Super Gulp Pop Fizz

LightCore Flashwing
LightCore Grim Creeper
LightCore Smolderdash
LightCore Star Strike
LightCore Warnado

Tower of Time Adventure Pack (Pop Thorn)
Fiery Forge Battle Pack (Bumble Blast, Knockout Terrafin)

Legendary Free Ranger
Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper

Enchanted Hoot Loop
Nitro Magna Charge

Wave 2 – October 27, 2013

Boom Jet
Fire Kraken
Grilla Drilla
Night Shift

Rip Tide
Star Strike

Anchors Away Gill Grunt
Big Bang Trigger Happy
Heavy Duty Sprocket
Knockout Terrafin
Twin Blade Chop Chop

Legendary Night Shift – November 10th
Legendary Zoo Lou – November 3rd

Jolly Bumble Blast – December 8th

Wave 3
December 22 and December 29, 2013
(See post for details…)
January 7, 2014 – Complete Wave 3 released at Toys R Us

Rubble Rouser – December 29th
Spy Rise – December 29th
Stink Bomb – December 29th

Dune Bug – December 22nd
Smolderdash – December 22nd

Horn Blast Whirlwind – December 22nd
Hyper Beam Prism Break – December 22nd
Phantom Cynder – December 22nd

LightCore Countdown
LightCore Wham-Shell

Sheep Wreck Island Adventure Pack (Wind Up)

Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack (Grim Creeper, Thorn Horn Camo)

Wave 4
March 6, 2014 at Walmart
March 13, 2014 at Toys R Us

Freeze Blade – March 13th
Trap Shadow – March 13th

Fryno – March 6th
Scratch – March 6th
Fire Bone Hot Dog – March 6th
Turbo Jet-Vac – March 6th

Fryno (Spring Edition)
Punk Shock (Spring Edition)
Springtime Trigger Happy (Spring Edition)

Enchanted LightCore Star Strike
Nitro Freeze Blade – March 23rd

Wave 5 – Various Dates

LightCore Bumble Blast – April 26th (Toys R Us first, Everywhere now)

Doom Stone – May 13th (Toys R Us first, Everywhere now)

Kickoff Countdown – May 18th (Toys R Us first, Everywhere now)

Jade Fire Kraken – June 14th

Wind Up (Single Pack) – June 21st

Pop Thorn (Single Pack) – June 28th

Punk Shock (Standard Packaging) – August