As hardcore collectors and even casual fans have been trying to hunt down these Creation Crystals there has been a lot of confusion.

Whether you're looking for a specific mold or just a particular element the Crystal you're searching for could be hard to find.

So today I'd like to take a moment to explain how these Creation Crystals are distributed and hopefully help you understand what you're seeing in the stores.

Single Pack Assortments

Creation Crystal Single Packs are shipped to stores in cases of 12. Each of these cases will be labeled with a particular Wave number (i.e. W1 Assortment, W2 Assortment, etc…)

With the information below, you should be able to tell exactly what's inside each case without even opening it.

Wave 1 Single Packs

In Wave 1 there were seven (7) unique Crystals from six (6) different elements.

Air Angel Creation CrystalAir Angel

Life Acorn Creation CrystalLife Acorn

Light Fanged Creation CrystalLight Fanged

Magic Pyramid Creation CrystalMagic Pyramid

Undead Claw Creation CrystalUndead Claw

Undead Fanged Creation CrystalUndead Fanged

Water Rocket Creation CrystalWater Rocket

In each W1 Assortment case you will find:

  • 2 Air Angel
  • 1 Life Acorn
  • 2 Light Fanged
  • 2 Magic Pyramid
  • 2 Undead Claw
  • 1 Undead Fanged
  • 2 Water Rocket

Wave 2 Single Packs

In Wave 2 there were seven (7) unique Crystals from seven (7) different elements.

Earth Rocket Creation CrystalEarth Rocket

Life Claw Creation CrystalLife Claw

Light Rune Creation CrystalLight Rune

Magic Lantern Creation CrystalMagic Lantern

Tech Reactor Creation CrystalTech Reactor

Undead Lantern Creation CrystalUndead Lantern

Water Armor Creation CrystalWater Armor

In each W2 Assortment case you will find:

  • 2 Earth Rocket
  • 2 Life Claw
  • 2 Light Rune
  • 1 Magic Lantern
  • 2 Tech Reactor
  • 1 Undead Lantern
  • 2 Water Armor

Wave 3 Single Packs

In Wave 3 there were eight (8) unique Crystals from seven (7) different elements. However, only four (4) of these Crystals are making their first appearance in Wave 3. These four Crystals are pictured below.

Fire Acorn Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsFire Acorn

Life Rocket Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsLife Rocket

Tech Armor Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsTech Armor

Water Fanged Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsWater Fanged

In each W3 Assortment case you will find:

  • 2 Fire Acorn ***
  • 1 Life Rocket ***
  • 1 Light Fanged
  • 1 Magic Pyramid
  • 2 Tech Armor ***
  • 2 Undead Fanged
  • 1 Water Fanged ***
  • 2 Water Rocket

*** First Appearance

Wave 4 Single Packs

Wave 4 was definitely an oddball. I don't know how they were shipped. It doesn't even feel like there was an assortment. They may have just shipped individual Dark Crystals.

Dark Pyramid Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsDark Pyramid

Dark Reactor Creation Crystal - Skylanders ImaginatorsDark Reactor

In any case, this wave brought us two new Single Packs.

  • Dark Pyramid
  • Dark Reactor ***

*** First Appearance


The multi-packs tend to offer a great value, but they also tend to be harder to find.

Sometimes it's a matter of short supply. Sometimes not all stores want to carry them. Sometimes they are only released in certain countries.

But for informational purposes, here's the packs that we know about so far and the specific Crystals they contain.

Triple Pack #1

Triple Pack #2

Triple Pack #3

Triple Pack #4

Eight Pack

NOTE: This pack has not been released in the US. It has only been seen in Europe.

Miscellaneous Packs

The packs below contain figures, but they also contain (at least) one Creation Crystal.

Standard Starter Pack (PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Nintendo Switch Starter Pack

Crash Edition Starter Pack (PS3, PS4)

Dark Edition Starter Pack

Portal Owner's Pack

Adventure Pack #1 (Gryphon Park Observatory)

Adventure Pack #2 (Enchanted Elven Forest)

Adventure Pack #4 (Cursed Tiki Temple)

Combo Pack #1 (Wolfgang)

Combo Pack #2 (Mysticat)

Combo Pack #3 (Dr. Krankcase)

NOTE: This pack has not been released in the US. It has only been seen in other countries.

Combo Pack #4 (Pain-Yatta)

This article will be updated as we learn more about future packs and Waves.