Blast Zone

Blast Zone
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More Blast Zone Figures:
Dark Blast Zone

Element: Fire
Released With: SWAP Force
Series: SWAP Force

Availability: Online and In Store

Spyro’s Adventure: No
Giants: No
SWAP Force: Yes
Trap Team: Yes
SuperChargers: Yes

  • bob

    cant wait to throw bombs at chompies

  • Joey

    Blast and Furious!

    • rayman

      you can do better with somthing like, Bombs away!

      • magbymagpie

        No, because that’s Boom Jet’s catchphrase.

  • rayman

    in the words of flynn i say to this guy BOOM

  • Darren

    I can’t wait till Blast zone comes out. He can fly!

    • rayman

      blast zone is in starter pack bro you get him right off the bat

  • Alex

    Probably my least favorite swappable character so far. Or possibly Freeze Blade

    • rayman

      dude don’t be a hater and besides you have not played with him yet maybe he will be the best of them all (by that i mean all but stink bomb cause stink bomb rules)

      • magbymagpie

        Stink Bomb sucks, stop saying “dude” and “bro.”

    • Brancus

      what? Ö
      freeze blade is one of my favorites and blast zone(especially dark) looks very cool :p

  • Alex

    This is so sad how Boomer has been replaced by a freaking robot knight thingy:(

    • rayman

      he was not replaced they are supposedly bringing boomer back two and besides this thing breathes fire and can split in half with any other swap force i would like to see boomer do that

  • Bjørn Petersen

    blast zone is my favorite fire swap skylanders

  • Sam

    Blast Zone > Boomer

    • LOZ

      OH MY GOD YES! Just with swapping abilities.

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