Fire Kraken

Fire Kraken
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Element: Fire
Released With: SWAP Force
Series: SWAP Force

Availability: Online and In Store

Spyro’s Adventure: No
Giants: No
SWAP Force: Yes
Trap Team: Yes
SuperChargers: Yes

  • bob

    this guy looks awesome

  • bob

    Fire Kraken : ‘Sometimes, when i have nightmares i set my bed on fire, thats why i sleep on the ground’.

  • Joey

    This Skylander is going to have funny Swaps

  • rayman

    hot dog now has competition for top animal skylander now instead of just wrecking ball hes got to deal with fire kraken

    • magbymagpie


    • magbymagpie

      Almost every skylander is an animal. Either that, or a robot. Or some kind of living tree or bee hive.

  • Darren

    Fire kraken looks cool, he must bounce or something because of his symbol.

  • rayman

    he is a chinese fire dragon he has super jumping abilities all i wonder is whos better this guy or rattle shake

  • rayman

    hmm mix this with a little of rattle shakes bottom half
    keep the fire batton and claws pretty epic guy and i mean fire shake (fire kraken + rattle shake)

  • Unknown

    What happened to all the realism on the skylander figures? ;n;

  • james graham

    fire krakens my favorite skylanders swap force character

  • Michael Brady

    I have a feeling that this is gonna be my favorite character in Swap Force. Would love to see a Lightcore version down the road.

    • magbymagpie

      Lightcore swappers? Hmm…

  • Sam

    he looks pretty cool

  • aaron

    check out his baton just think of all the things it could do like throw fire out the ends or maybe it extends

  • Jesse Crouch

    He can make this huge Chinese dragon
    Go to the site go to characters, fire, fire kraken
    Press the play button near the bottom left of his pic
    Watch until the end !!!

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