Grilla Drilla

Grilla Drilla
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Element: Life
Released With: SWAP Force
Series: SWAP Force

Availability: Online and In Store

Spyro’s Adventure: No
Giants: No
SWAP Force: Yes
Trap Team: Yes
SuperChargers: Yes

  • bob

    i dont really see how he’s a gorrilla only his mouth

  • Joey

    cool skylander

  • rayman

    this guy looks cool my friend thought his name would be monkey drill

  • acekidder

    Yup looks more like a monkey or a orangutans then a gorilla i guess Drilla Ape or Monkey Drill doesn’t work as well as Grilla Drilla.

  • rayman

    digging in the dirt this guys only competition is terraphin

  • rayman

    the coolest thing this guy could do is maybe turn on the drill and spin around throwing punches really fast

  • aaron

    to be honest he is not my favourite character in skylanders swap force

  • Sam

    i can see how this guy is a gorilla its the whole face not just the mouth

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