How Rare Is My Skylander? – Part 4

PART 4 – Other Notable Rare or Hard-to-Find Skylanders

While the Variants make up the bulk of the rare Skylanders, there are a few more hard-to-find Skylanders that are worth mentioning.

If you’ve been around Skylanders for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Forgotten 8. These are the eight Series 1 Skylanders from Spyro’s Adventure that did not receive a Series 2 repose for Skylanders Giants.

Many are hoping they will return in SWAP Force or even Skylanders 4, but that remains to be seen. For the time being they only exist as Spyro’s Adventure figures and therefore they are highly sought after.

The Forgotton 8

Boomer - Series 1


Boomer is usually consider the rarest of the eight. Through some combination of poor character design and weak game play, Boomer quickly became an outcast. Even when the Skylanders franchise unexpectedly took off and the Spyro’s Adventure characters were being reproduced, Boomer was left behind.

It wasn’t really until Giants was released and collectors were scrambling to finish their Spyro’s Adventure collections that Boomer’s “popularity” exploded. With the full lineup of Giants’ characters released, the Forgotten 8 were created. Thus Boomer, as the original outcast, became the “leader” of the Forgotten 8.

Since Boomer’s supply was already low, when his demand suddenly spiked, his value shot through the roof as well.

Boomer was available in both Single Packs and Triple Packs (with Prism Break and Voodood).

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Camo - Series 1


Camo can be found in both Single Packs and Triple Packs (with Ignitor and Warnado).

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Dino-Rang - Series 1


Dino-Rang can be found in both Single Packs and Triple Packs (with Zap and Hex).

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Ghost Roaster - Series 1

Ghost Roaster

Ghost Roaster is typically the second most valuable of the Forgotten 8. Ghost Roaster was only available in the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack. Like Boomer, this Adventure Pack had a very limited production run. But, unlike Boomer, Ghost Roaster turned out to be a much more favored character.

So if Ghost Roaster isn’t already in your collection, this is another character that you will have to be willing to spend some money to obtain.

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Sunburn - Series 1


Like Ghost Roaster, Sunburn was only available in an Adventure Pack. So while you might think that this would make Sunburn just as valuable, you’d be wrong. Sunburn’s Adventure Pack continued production long after Ghost Roaster’s. While it can be hard to find in stores, it is not yet on the same level as Darklight Crypt.

Sunburn can be found in the Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack.

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Voodood - Series 1


Voodood can be found in both Single Packs and Triple Packs (with Prism Break and Boomer).

While the Single Pack is easy enough to find, you can correctly assume that the Triple Pack is rare due to Boomer’s presence.

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Warnado - Series 1


Warnado can be found in both Single Packs and Triple Packs (with Camo and Ignitor).

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Wham-Shell - Series 1

Wham Shell

Wham Shell can only be found in a Single Pack. Wham Shell seems slightly more rare than most of the Forgotten 8, but definitely not on the level of Boomer and Ghost Roaster.

This is most likely due to some combination of his popularity and his lack of an appearance in a Triple Pack.

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E3 2011 Single Packs

In the Spring of 2011 the Skylanders were an unknown, even in the gaming industry. Activision needed to get the word out about their new game and they chose E3 as their launch pad.

In the weeks prior to E3 they sent out Single Packs of Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy to industry reps they knew would be attending. Activision attached a note asking the reps to bring their figure with them to E3 and stop by the Activision booth. Since this toy/game interaction was new to the industry, no one really knew what to expect.

These figures do not vary in appearance or gameplay from the three you would have received if you bought the Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack. The only difference is the packaging. This is the only time these three figures were seen in Single Packs. Unfortunately by now, most of these figures have been removed from their packages and you won’t be able to differentiate one from the other.

Therefore if you can find any one of these three figures in a sealed Single Pack, know that it is extremely rare and extremely valuable. It has been speculated that there were fewer of these Single Packs produced than any variant making them the rarest figures to date. I would agree.

Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack

Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack

As I mentioned above with Ghost Roaster, the Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack was retired from production far before the other three Adventure Packs.

So not only is Ghost Roaster highly sought after, but the entire Darklight Crypt Adventure Pack is a valuable item.

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Target Exclusive Whirlwind

When Whirlwind was first released, it was a Target Exclusive. Just like the store exclusives we know now (i.e. Jade Flashwing) Whirlwind was in high demand and low supply.

Eventually though the exclusivity was dropped and Whirlwind was released to all retailers. There are however two minor differences in the newer version.

First, the Target Exclusive sticker has been removed. While this is a minor packaging difference, this can be a big deal for hardcore collectors.

Secondly, the bases of the figures are painted differently. The Target version is a pure, simple white. The newer version released to all stores is airbrushed with a hint of bluish-gray.

For many these are very minor details that will go unnoticed, but the original Target Exclusive version is a rare find. If you find the right buyer, it can be quite valuable.

Walmart Exclusive Drill Sergeant

This exclusive Drill Sergeant is very similar to the Whirlwind mentioned above. When it was first released, Drill Sergeant was exclusive to Walmart. Eventually the restriction was removed and Drill Sergeant was shipped to all stores. However, there are noticeable differences between the two figures.

Naturally, the Walmart Exclusive label was removed, but more importantly the paint varies between figures.

The original Walmart exclusive is a darker red, almost burgundy color. In addition, all the gears on the base are painted completely black.

The newer version that was released to all stores is a brighter, almost candy apple red and there are a few silver or grey gears on the top of the base.

These are minor details to the average game player, but it’s a night and day difference to serious collectors.

Easter Edition Legendary LightCore Chill

Easter Edition Legendary LightCore Chill

This figure is exactly the same as the original Legendary LightCore Chill (which is a Toys R Us Exclusive). This special Easter Edition Chill simply comes in a special box.

To make things more difficult for collectors though, the Easter Edition was only released at Toys R Us stores in the UK.

If you just need to have every possible variation, have fun hunting this one down…

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