• Laura A Hubbard Holmes

    Does anyone know when this will be released? It is the top of my daughters Christmas list, and I can’t find the info anywhere…

    • Ezra

      As far as we know Scratch does not appear to be in Wave 3 (which is the final Wave we are expecting before Christmas).

      Unfortunately, we are not expecting Scratch until sometime in 2014.

  • noah

    what dose scratch do can you tell me

  • cam

    When is Scratch coming out? My daughter has been waiting forever for her…

  • cam

    So is a release date still not known? This is crazy waiting this long! What’s going on here

    • SCL_Matt

      Correct. We still do not have a release date.

      This is very typical over the course of a Skylanders release. There are a few select figures (which they know are rather popular) which they do not release until the Spring/Summer months.

      This is the way Activision has chosen to do it and it has worked quite successfully for them. It happens every year.

  • Holonboy

    A few sellers on Amazon is already selling her (alongside some other upcoming Skylanders)… Meaning that stock has been leaked somewhere and the official release can’t be too far off.

  • Kimo Garcia

    Yep!!! I got 3 on amazon the other day.. cost me a fortune but it was worth it!

  • Henrique Lacerda

    Did Activision stopped producing Scratch figures? (like they did with darklight crypt and boomer) or is she very hard to find now? because she’s at 41,00 $ on amazon, which is a high price for me… (I live in brazil, and she was not released back on 2014 in the brazilian stores that sell skylanders stuff, so the only places I can buy her is in ebay or amazon.)

    • SCL_Matt

      Scratch was a late release last year and therefore she didn’t get as much exposure in stores as many of the other figures did.

      To my knowledge, she is no longer in production and you will probably have to pay a premium price if you want to add her to your collection now.

  • Mat Surtees

    Just bought Scratch in the UK from “Argos Outlet” £4.99 and free postage. What a lucky find!! Have been after this figure since my daughter asked me about it months ago!

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