• Laura A Hubbard Holmes

    Does anyone know when this will be released? It is the top of my daughters Christmas list, and I can’t find the info anywhere…

    • Ezra

      As far as we know Scratch does not appear to be in Wave 3 (which is the final Wave we are expecting before Christmas).

      Unfortunately, we are not expecting Scratch until sometime in 2014.

  • noah

    what dose scratch do can you tell me

  • cam

    When is Scratch coming out? My daughter has been waiting forever for her…

  • cam

    So is a release date still not known? This is crazy waiting this long! What’s going on here

    • SCL_Matt

      Correct. We still do not have a release date.

      This is very typical over the course of a Skylanders release. There are a few select figures (which they know are rather popular) which they do not release until the Spring/Summer months.

      This is the way Activision has chosen to do it and it has worked quite successfully for them. It happens every year.

  • Holonboy

    A few sellers on Amazon is already selling her (alongside some other upcoming Skylanders)… Meaning that stock has been leaked somewhere and the official release can’t be too far off.

  • Kimo Garcia

    Yep!!! I got 3 on amazon the other day.. cost me a fortune but it was worth it!

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