• bob

    he looks cool the combo washrise ( washbuckler + Spyrise) would be awesome robotic octopus

  • rayman

    wow a robot spainyard

    • Jeremy

      what are you serious you are so weird

  • rayman

    i hope he has lazers like they made it look like sprocket would

  • rayman

    i swear this guy has to have eye lazers like bouncer them he would be ULTAMITE BOOM worthy

  • torchie4269

    I really like this figure, but I was going to try to avoid getting duplicate movement types in the Swap Force set, and the game comes with Wash Buckler. Woe is me.

  • Sam

    i wonder what Blast Rise would look like (Blast Zone + Spy Rise)

  • magbymagpie

    Very cool.

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