Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb
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Silver & Gold

Element: Life
Released With: SWAP Force
Series: SWAP Force

Availability: Online and In Store

Spyro’s Adventure: No
Giants: No
SWAP Force: Yes
Trap Team: Yes
SuperChargers: Yes

  • Jacob

    I like Stink Bomb

  • bob

    phew this guy stinks but he looks awesome

  • rayman

    stink shift would be a great combo that is why i am gonna buy this guy and starter pack same day

    • magbymagpie

      You can’t. He’s not until Wave 3.

      • Vivian Scott

        when is wave 3 I need to get for my grandson

        • Ezra

          We do not have a definitive date yet. At this point there’s no guarantee it will be out before Christmas. Keep an eye on the blog for all the latest info.

  • rayman

    wonder what wash bomb would be like

  • bob

    pretty cool i think

  • Darren

    Stink bomb can disappear but his mask still shows.

  • Darren

    He stinks the whole screen up when you put him on the portal.

  • rayman

    the farts are pretty cool as long as he ain’t aiming at me when he does it plus hes a ninga so stealth elf has competition now

    • magbymagpie

      how old are you?

  • aaron

    he is my second favourite swapper

    • rayman

      ain’t that the truth

  • Sam

    I am getting this guy the day I get the starter pack.

    • magbymagpie

      Not until Wave 3, you aren’t.

  • benito


  • Zach Scruggs

    The 3 Skylanders I am looking forward to are Stink Bomb, Trap Shadow , and Freeze Blade

  • Vivian Scott

    thank you and after christmas is ok too

  • Nichlas and Rocco

    when will stink bomb be available

    • Ezra

      Stink Bomb is coming in Wave 3.

      We are still expecting Wave 3 in 2013, but at this point there’s no guarantee it will be before Christmas.

  • Vivian Scott

    any news about stickbomb yet

  • Lore Master

    He’s actually a skunk. Chipmunks can’t throw ninja stars.

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