Wash Buckler

Wash Buckler
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Element: Water
Released With: SWAP Force
Series: SWAP Force

Availability: Online and In Store

Spyro’s Adventure: No
Giants: No
SWAP Force: Yes
Trap Team: Yes
SuperChargers: Yes

  • bob

    put them in a bubble and slice them up

  • rayman

    really a bubble gun just give him a pirate shotgun instead

    • Jeremy

      seriously they are trying to make it a slitely (sorry dont know how to spell it) funny and child like. It is a more cartoony version of vilence which i think is fun.

  • bob

    yeah that would be better

  • acekidder

    probably my fave out of the new swapforce characters but wouldn’t be a very familiar to Captain Jack Sparrow shhh don’t tell Disney i smell a patent problem….mind you they have stolen skylanders whole game idea for Disney infinity :-s

  • Darren

    Your right, they did steal the whole idea of Skylanders.

  • torchie4269

    Gold Wash Buckler variant coming with WiiU console bundle!

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