When It’s Over… Exploring An Alternative for Your Unwanted Skylanders

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Every so often I get a question about where is the best place to sell my Skylanders. While it's a little bit sad to see someone leave the Skylanders family, it is still my main goal to help you the best that I can.

Typically, I would tell you that, if you want to maximize your profit, you should sell your figures individually on eBay. However, I understand that that can be a lot of work to list, package, and ship a lot of figures separately, not to mention all the fees that go along with it.

So today I would like to present you with an alternative. Logo is a company that will buy your Skylanders directly from you. I have personally used them to get rid of a few doubles I had laying around the house.

In addition to Skylanders, Trade4Cash also buys:

If you use the Promo Code: SCL during checkout I will get a small commission. But even better, they will give you an extra 10% more cash on your first order.

So how does it all work?

Step 1 – Add Items to Your Cart

This may seem a little counterintuitive, but you actually add the items that you want to sell to your cart.

You'll have to select a condition for each item (the definitions of each condition are explained well on the site) and they will adjust the price accordingly.

Step 2 – Confirm Your Order

NOTE: Because they pay for shipping, there is a $10 minimum order, but $10 is not hard to reach.

When you confirm your order (or Proceed to Checkout), you will need to provide your name and mailing address. Here you will also select how you would like to be paid. These options include:

PayPal is obviously the fastest way to get paid, but you still have options.

Step 3 – Package and Ship Your Order

Once you agree to their terms and click Place Order Now, you will be taken to a page where you can print off a packing slip and a prepaid shipping label.

That's right. They pay for shipping.

Print off the Packing Slip and be sure to include it with your order. This will greatly speed up the evaluation process once they receive your order.

Find a sturdy box and pack up your items with bubble wrap or old newspaper. It doesn't really matter what you use as long as the items are secure.

Print off the prepaid Shipping Label and tape it to the outside of the box. Drop the box off at any USPS location and the hard part is done.

Step 4 – Wait for Payment

If you made it this far, you should have already received a few emails from Trade4Cash. I was very impressed with how informed they keep you. You'll get emails throughout the entire process. These include:

Each of these emails will update you on when has been done and what will be done next. If they need any further action from you (which is rare) they will let you know right away.

Final Thoughts

So whether you're looking to get rid of your entire collection or you just have a handful of figures you want to get rid of quickly, Trade4Cash is a great option.

Don't forget to use Promo Code: SCL to get your extra 10%.

And as always, please let me know if you have any questions.

  • web_store_email

    trade 4 cash will give you $110 for a NEW Gold Fire Kraken…is T4C GameStop’s baby brother?! wow that’s a terrible “deal”!!!

    • You and I both know that this is not the place to sell rares and chase variants and the like, but it’s a very easy way to offload your more common figures for a decent price.

      Like I said at the beginning of the article, if you want to maximize your profits, you sell figures individually on eBay (or privately). If you’re willing to trade some profit for the sake of simplicity, then this is a good option.

      • Joshua Pung

        had lots of duplicates for kids/neices/nephew going down to just one set. So with 200-300 or more (I haven’t counted) — how reliable were they for you? I don’t want to have to try to ebay all of them. Just curious how your (or others who used them) experience went? For the ones I’m getting rid of, seems like a decent price/benefit trade off for the work I won’t have to do. Thanks!

        • Well I only had about 10 pieces to sell, but it went very smoothly. I sent in my figures on a Friday and by Wednesday of the next week I had my money in my PayPal account.

          For a larger order I imagine it could take a little bit longer because they do manually verify/evaluate all orders once they are received, but they keep you informed of where they are in the process (through email).

          I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t trust them.

          • Matt what makes something rare? I know the obvious such as different look, color, low production but what about others such as I was looking at the T4C site and it had mini ninjini at a higher trade value as th other mini Skylanders. Any thoughts as to why?

          • I’m not entirely sure how they went about pricing the figures. I know they have done a fair amount of research though.

            It could be that they’ve found those figures selling for higher prices so they’re willing to pay more or maybe they have fewer of those figures in stock so they increased their buying price in the hopes that they might get a few more.

            Honestly, I don’t know what their criteria are for pricing, but generally speaking it’s pretty good.

  • dgl14

    i searched and called every store and still no sign of the wave 3 traps where are the

  • kitt13

    i just used trade4cash to sell 32 skylanders doubles I had. of course i didnt get what i could have if i took the time to use ebay or sell privately but i did get a fair price. it was very easy to do. i sent it out on tuesday and got paid by paypal on friday. it was a very fast and efficient way to get rid of the ones i wasnt using. i recommend for non-rare skylanders

    • Glad to hear you had the same, positive experience that I did.

      Thanks for following up.

  • Ian YouDon’tNeedToKnow

    They haven’t sent me any emails at all, nor has it filtered to spam. What do I do?

  • the site sucks now 😛
    now its about $0.50-$3.00 per character

  • Tom Coogan

    I don’t think they are accepting Skylanders anymore. I cannot see it on their site at all 🙁