All SWAP Force Combinations

So by now you've probably heard that there are a lot of possible combinations to make with the SWAP Force characters. In fact, if you have all 16 characters, you can create 256 different combinations!

The good news though is that you don't have to own a lot of Skylanders to have a lot of combinations. Check out the chart below:

If you own X SWAP Force figures, you can create Y different combinations.
1 1 5 25 9 81 13 169
2 4 6 36 10 100 14 196
3 9 7 49 11 121 15 225
4 16 8 64 12 144 16 256

Have you ever wondered what all these combinations actually are? Here's the complete list of possible SWAP Force combinations.

Current Total: 256/256

Blast Zone

Blast Zone
Blast Jet
Blast Stone
Blast Kraken
Blast Ranger
Blast Blade
Blast Drilla
Blast Loop
Blast Charge
Blast Shift
Blast Shake
Blast Rouser
Blast Rise
Blast Bomb
Blast Shadow
Blast Buckler

Boom Jet

Boom Jet
Boom Stone
Boom Zone
Boom Kraken
Boom Ranger
Boom Blade
Boom Drilla
Boom Loop
Boom Charge
Boom Shift
Boom Shake
Boom Rouser
Boom Rise
Boom Bomb
Boom Shadow
Boom Buckler

Doom Stone

Doom Stone
Doom Zone
Doom Jet
Doom Kraken
Doom Ranger
Doom Blade
Doom Drilla
Doom Loop
Doom Charge
Doom Shift
Doom Shake
Doom Rouser
Doom Rise
Doom Bomb
Doom Shadow
Doom Buckler

Fire Kraken

Fire Kraken
Fire Zone
Fire Jet
Fire Stone
Fire Ranger
Fire Blade
Fire Drilla
Fire Loop
Fire Charge
Fire Shift
Fire Shake
Fire Rouser
Fire Rise
Fire Bomb
Fire Shadow
Fire Buckler

Free Ranger

Free Ranger
Free Zone
Free Jet
Free Stone
Free Kraken
Free Blade
Free Drilla
Free Loop
Free Charge
Free Shift
Free Shake
Free Rouser
Free Rise
Free Bomb
Free Shadow
Free Buckler

Freeze Blade

Freeze Blade
Freeze Zone
Freeze Jet
Freeze Stone
Freeze Kraken
Freeze Ranger
Freeze Drilla
Freeze Loop
Freeze Charge
Freeze Shift
Freeze Shake
Freeze Rouser
Freeze Rise
Freeze Bomb
Freeze Shadow
Freeze Buckler

Grilla Drilla

Grilla Drilla
Grilla Zone
Grilla Jet
Grilla Stone
Grilla Kraken
Grilla Ranger
Grilla Blade
Grilla Loop
Grilla Charge
Grilla Shift
Grilla Shake
Grilla Rouser
Grilla Rise
Grilla Bomb
Grilla Shadow
Grilla Buckler

Hoot Loop

Hoot Loop
Hoot Zone
Hoot Jet
Hoot Stone
Hoot Kraken
Hoot Ranger
Hoot Blade
Hoot Drilla
Hoot Charge
Hoot Shift
Hoot Shake
Hoot Rouser
Hoot Rise
Hoot Bomb
Hoot Shadow
Hoot Buckler

Magna Charge

Magna Charge
Magna Zone
Magna Jet
Magna Stone
Magna Kraken
Magna Ranger
Magna Blade
Magna Drilla
Magna Loop
Magna Shift
Magna Shake
Magna Rouser
Magna Rise
Magna Bomb
Magna Shadow
Magna Buckler

Night Shift

Night Shift
Night Zone
Night Jet
Night Stone
Night Kraken
Night Ranger
Night Blade
Night Drilla
Night Loop
Night Charge
Night Shake
Night Rouser
Night Rise
Night Bomb
Night Shadow
Night Buckler

Rattle Shake

Rattle Shake
Rattle Zone
Rattle Jet
Rattle Stone
Rattle Kraken
Rattle Ranger
Rattle Blade
Rattle Drilla
Rattle Loop
Rattle Charge
Rattle Rouser
Rattle Shift
Rattle Rise
Rattle Bomb
Rattle Shadow
Rattle Buckler

Rubble Rouser

Rubble Rouser
Rubble Zone
Rubble Jet
Rubble Stone
Rubble Kraken
Rubble Ranger
Rubble Blade
Rubble Drilla
Rubble Loop
Rubble Charge
Rubble Shift
Rubble Shake
Rubble Rise
Rubble Bomb
Rubble Shadow
Rubble Buckler

Spy Rise

Spy Rise
Spy Zone
Spy Jet
Spy Stone
Spy Kraken
Spy Ranger
Spy Blade
Spy Drilla
Spy Loop
Spy Charge
Spy Shift
Spy Shake
Spy Rouser
Spy Bomb
Spy Shadow
Spy Buckler

Stink Bomb

Stink Bomb
Stink Zone
Stink Jet
Stink Stone
Stink Kraken
Stink Ranger
Stink Blade
Stink Drilla
Stink Loop
Stink Charge
Stink Shift
Stink Shake
Stink Rouser
Stink Rise
Stink Shadow
Stink Buckler

Trap Shadow

Trap Shadow
Trap Zone
Trap Jet
Trap Stone
Trap Kraken
Trap Ranger
Trap Blade
Trap Drilla
Trap Loop
Trap Charge
Trap Shift
Trap Shake
Trap Rouser
Trap Rise
Trap Bomb
Trap Buckler

Wash Buckler

Wash Buckler
Wash Zone
Wash Jet
Wash Stone
Wash Kraken
Wash Ranger
Wash Blade
Wash Drilla
Wash Loop
Wash Charge
Wash Shift
Wash Shake
Wash Rouser
Wash Rise
Wash Bomb
Wash Shadow