I've talked about this multiple times on my live streams, but the time has come to make some changes.

I want the channel, the website, the shop, and the brand to grow. I cannot do that alone. This is why things need to change.

1. I will no longer be packing and shipping

The biggest roadblock for growth at the moment was the time it took for me to pack and ship orders on a daily basis.

I have now enlisted some help. You'll soon start to see packages from Jillian.

With Jillian's help I now have more free time. This will allow me to focus on updating the website and creating more video content.

This also means that I won't have to shut down the shop when I go on vacation.

2. Less frequent shop updates

The second big change relates directly to the first.

The only downside of having Jillian help is that she does not live in the same town as me.

So the current plan is to still do the live unboxings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (as needed), but the shop will only be updated once per week on Saturday.

I will try to standardize the update time, but that may take a few weeks to figure out what works best. I will still post on Twitter when the update goes through.

3. New SCL Auction day

The final change relates to the SCL Auctions.

For the time being I still plan to host them every week.

However, I am going to move the auctions to Friday instead of Saturday.

This change will allow me to have the auction items on hand for the auction stream, but them deliver them immediately to Jillian on Saturday so she can pack and ship them as they are paid for.

Final Thoughts

I hope you understand why I am making these changes.

But as always, I will be looking to you for feedback along the way.

Are there ways to improve the system? Are you seeing operations taking a turn for the worse?

I'll still be in regular contact on my YouTube channel and on Twitter, so please don't hesitate to reach out with your thoughts.