The following article is a guest post from Andy Robertson, a respected journalist I met during my years with Skylanders. While he isn't as focused on Skylanders anymore, he is still heavily involved with video games. I hope you'll take a minute to check out his current projects.

Skylanders Collection

Growing up playing Skylanders (or any series of games) we create lifelong bonds to characters, places and play styles. I loved being a journalist who covered Skylanders, but I also loved playing the game with my children.

Although they are older, every so often we have an urge to go back and play Skylanders again. Sometimes we do just that, get out the portal and old consoles to have fun revisiting those enjoyable memories. But also, we’ve got in the habit of hunting down Skylanders-style games.

This has overlapped with a database of video games I’ve created to help parents find video games for their children: Family Video Game Database. You can look up any game and find other game suggestions like it. 

If you are looking for games like Skylanders, here are some search results from the database that might interest you:

This has helped us find all sorts of games we wouldn’t otherwise have tried. Those that really scratch the Skylanders itch include:

If you are looking further afield from Skylanders, for games for your children, the database has a range of suggestions based on the age of your child:

Hopefully, that turns up some unusual and interesting suggestions for you. But of course, if there are great Skylanders-adjacent games you have found, do let us know @TamingGamingDB.