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The Trap Masters are the main focus of Skylanders Trap Team, the fourth game in the Skylanders series.

Trap Masters have many characteristics, both physical and digital, that help them stand out from the crowd.


Trap Master - KaboomTrap Masters, both in and out of the game, are larger than the Core Skylanders. However, as you might suspect, they are not quite as big as the Giants.

In the game the Trap Masters turned out to be much slower than anticipated, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in strength.

Traptanium Weapons

Each of the Trap Masters has a special weapon made from Traptanium. These weapons will give your character a gigantic attack bonus when you are fighting any of the trappable Villains. While you can still trap a Villain with any Skylander, the Trap Masters are definitely a good choice for these battles.

In addition to the damage boost, the Traptanium weapons also allow you to find more collectibles and gain access to special areas (as described below).

Traptanium Shards

Throughout the various levels in Skylanders Trap Team you will discover Traptanium Shards. These Shards are remnants of the explosion at Cloudcracker Prison. When you are near a Traptanium Shard with a Trap Master their Traptanium weapon will begin to glow.

Only Trap Masters are able to destroy and clean up these Shards. Sometimes these Shards are hiding Treasure or other valuable collectibles. Other times, destroying the Shard will open up a new area for you to explore. In either case, you will want to make sure that you always have a Trap Master at your disposal.

Traptanium Elemental Gates

Elemental Gates are not new to the Skylands. These are the special Gates that require a Skylander of a specific element to open. They have been around since Spyro's Adventure. However, in Skylanders Trap Team there's a twist.

In Skylanders Trap Team all Elemental Gates are made out of Traptanium. This means that you will not only need a Skylander of the proper element, but you will need a Trap Master of the proper element to open the Traptanium Elemental Gates.

Trap Masters in SuperChargers

In SuperChargers the Trap Masters have been balanced out a bit. They retain much of their size and power, but they tend to move much faster than they did in Trap Team.

The other good news is that they are not required. By this I mean there are no Traptanium Gates or Traptanium Shards to worry about.