Skylanders 101 presented by SCL

The Giants were the main focus of the second game, Skylanders Giants.

There are only 8 Giants in the Skylanders series. Keep reading below to find out what makes the Giants unique.


The Giants size physically as well as in the game is just what you would expect. They are the largest Skylanders available. However, because these characters have such great size and strength they often lack in speed.

While I still believe the Giants to be the largest Skylanders, it should be noted that some (but not all) of the Trap Masters in Skylanders Trap Team come close to the same size.

Giant Boulders

Throughout Skylanders Giants, part of the Giants uniqueness lies in their ability to move large items. This would include Giant Boulders.

These large rocks can be picked up by a Giant and then be thrown at an enemy to cause devastating amounts of damage. Or sometimes just picking them up could reveal a hidden treasure or area.

Feats of Strength

Throughout Skylanders Giants you will also come across areas that require you to complete a Feat of Strength. This is another action that can only be completed by a Giant.

One you complete the Feat of Strength you will typically gain access to a new area where you can find a Hat or another collectible item.

A Subsitute for Bombs

A little known or often overlooked fact is that you can use the Giants to knock down just about any wall that normally requires a bomb to destroy.

This ability has carried over, for the most part, into the future games as well.

Giants in SWAP Force

In Skylanders SWAP Force the role of Giants is diminished, but not completely gone.

There are still a few Giant Boulders in SWAP Force, but their main use is to open Giant Chests. While there are always a number of Treasure Chests hidden throughout each level, in SWAP Force, they also include one Giant Chest. Naturally, these chests can only be opened by Giants.

Giants in Trap Team

In Skylanders Trap Team the Giants have even less of a role as the focus is now on the Trap Masters.

There are still a few Giant Boulders in the levels, but they don't unlock anything they are just there to throw at the enemies.

On the other hand there is also a Giant Boulder in the Kaos Doom Challenge that you will probably want to move because it is covering a prime turret location.

Giants in SuperChargers

By this point in the series we've basically hit the bottom of the curve. There are a few occasional Giant Boulders that you can play with, but it is obvious that the focus is not on the Giants.

They are basically just like any other Skylander in your collection now.