• bob

    this guy is out of his freakin mind

  • rayman

    this guy looks a lot like jet-vac

  • torchie4269

    I don’t care for the appearance of this figure, but I saw a gameplay video of him in action, and he has some awesome powers.

  • Darren

    Hoot loop looks awesome, i heard he can teleport to place. I wonder what the other Magic swap will be, i bet it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jesse Crouch

      Well the other magic swapper is trap shadow
      He’s part of the sneak ability and has shadow and trap attacks obviously

  • aaron

    I think his teleporting power skill thing is cool plus his hypnotising power
    and Darren the other magic swapper is called trap shadow he looks like a tiger, jaguar animal guy he looks awesome. Just thought id let you know

  • Sam

    this guy reminds me of the pokemon Hoothoot

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