I've had a few people email me about the various Double Trouble figures. It can be a little confusing. I will admit that it took me a little while to catch on, but yes, there are actually 4 versions of Double Trouble.

Series 1 Double Trouble
Double Trouble 1.5
Royal Double Trouble
Series 2 Double Trouble

Starting on the left (or on the top if you're viewing this on a small screen) we have Series 1 Double Trouble. This figure is easily recognizable because it is the only Double Trouble with a green base. It is the only figure that was released with Spyro's Adventure.

Now as we move to the right (or down) this is where it get a little confusing. The second figure you see has an orange base. Since Double Trouble is not a new character in Skylanders Giants, this should mean that it is a Series 2 figure. However you will notice that this figure has not been reposed. It has an orange base, but it is still using the Series 1 pose.

This figure was released with the Skylanders Battlegrounds Starter Pack. (Battlegrounds is the Mobile/iOS version of Skylanders.) Because it shares characteristics of both Series 1 and Series 2 figures, it is most commonly referred to as Double Trouble 1.5. In the game, Double Trouble 1.5 behaves as a Series 2 figure.

Third in line you will see the only variant available for Double Trouble. This is a variant of the Double Trouble 1.5 figure. It has an orange base, Series 1 pose, but a new paint job. This figure, known as Royal Double Trouble, is also from the Skylanders Battlegounds Starter Pack, but it is a GameStop Exclusive.

Finally, we have the actual Series 2 Double Trouble. It has the orange base as you would expect and has received a proper repose.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have regarding Double Trouble.