Skylanders ChecklistsIf you're looking for a super-simple way to keep track of which Skylanders you do or don't have, I have a solution for you. With these straightforward, black and white checklists, you will never again have to wonder what you're missing.

These lists will give you all the basic characters that were released with each game as well as a list of any variants and Adventure/Battle Packs that came out. Most checklists are only one page. They are in a printable (PDF) format.

I really hope that you find these checklists useful.

Skylanders Checklist

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)

Skylanders Giants Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)
* Double Trouble 1.5 See Article for more info…

Skylanders SWAP Force Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)

Skylanders Trap Team Checklist (PDF – 2 Pages)

Skylanders SuperChargers Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)

Skylanders Imaginators Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)
Skylanders Imaginators Day 1 Shopping Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)

The Imaginators checklist is technically be a work-in-progress until the next game is released because we don't know about the variants that may be released along the way. Over the years, Activision has shown us that they are not afraid to release new variants very late in the game.

Skylanders Battlecast Cards Checklist (PDF – 4 Pages)

Keep in mind that there are Silver and Gold Foil versions of every card. If you're collecting all of those as well, just print off three copies of the checklist and label them accordingly.

I created a separate checklist for the Eon's Elite characters. While they are released alongside certain games, they really are their own line of figures.

Skylanders Eon's Elite Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)

Aside from the character checklists (at the suggestion of SCL reader Craig B.) I have put together a checklist of Magic Items. These items work much like the figures, but they each have different powers or abilities.

Adding them to the existing checklists just made things too cluttered. So I have decided to make a separate list. This list contains all the Magic Items available for Spyro's Adventure and Giants. SWAP Force items will be added as they are released.

Skylanders Magic Items Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)

I have also compiled checklists showing which packs can be purchased and what each pack includes. These lists are mostly for collectors, but can also be helpful to others so you know what to look for while you're shopping.

Generally speaking anything that comes in a triple pack will also come in a single pack, but that is not always the case. These checklist should clear things up for you.

Skylanders Packs Checklist

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Packs Checklist (PDF – 1 Page)
* Super rare Single Packs from E3 2011

Skylanders Giants Packs Checklist (PDF – 2 Pages)
* Double Trouble 1.5 See Article for more info…

Skylanders SWAP Force Packs Checklist (PDF – 2 Pages)

Skylanders Trap Team Packs Checklist (PDF – 3 Pages)