In light of the recent announcement that the Battle Class will be locked to the Creation Crystals, I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a closer look at the individual Battle Classes.

At the time of this writing we still don't have all the information about all the Battle Classes, but I will share what I have and I will update this article as more information is discovered.

Imaginators Battle Classes

There are 10 Battle Classes in Skylanders Imaginators. These include:

  • Bazooker
  • Bowslinger
  • Brawler
  • Knight
  • Ninja
  • Quickshot
  • Sentinel
  • Smasher
  • Sorcerer
  • Swashbuckler

Each of these Battle Classes has an associated symbol which you can see in the image below.

Skylanders Imaginators Battle Classes

The Battle Class denotes what kind of weapons the character will use and what kind of attacks they will have.

Sensei Battle Class

Each of the Sensei (the main characters in Skylanders Imaginators) have a Battle Class assigned to them.

You can figure out what a character's Battle Class is by looking for the symbol on their base as shown in the image below.

Battle Class Symbol Example

The Sensei Battle Class is predetermined and cannot be altered at any time.

For those of you familiar with Skylanders SWAP Force (the third game in the series), this is very similar to the Movement Type we saw on the Swappers.

Imaginators Battle Class

Imaginators are the characters that you are able create in Skylanders Imaginators.

The idea behind them is that you will be able to create whatever you can imagine, but there are a few limitations.

First you will need to decide which element you want your Imaginator to be. This is important because you will need to purchase a Creation Crystal of the proper element in order to create this Imaginator.

Once you place your Creation Crystal of choice on the Portal for the first time, you will immediately be presented with a second decision. Now you need to select your Battle Class.

While you initially get to choose your Battle Class, the class you choose will permanently be tied to the Creation Crystal on the Portal.

So, in order to help you make an informed decision, here's a closer look at each of the individual Battle Classes…


Defining Characteristic: A bazooka or some other large rocket launcher type of weapon.

We really haven't seen much in the way of Bazookers yet.

It appears as if Flarewolf is going to be a Bazooker, but even that has not been officially confirmed.

So at this time I do not have any video footage to share.


Defining Characteristic: A bow and arrow combination.

Wolfgang is the main Bowslinger we've met so far. I would imagine a lot of gameplay similar to Flameslinger if you're familiar with the older characters.


Defining Characteristic: No weapon. They fight with fists or whatever else they're able to pick up.

Crash Bandicoot and Master King Pen are both known brawlers. Just from these two characters you can see that there is a difference in fighting styles even within the Battle Class.


Defining Characteristic: A singular, large sword.

The only confirmed Knight so far is Ambush. While he wields a large sword he has a variety of other attacks, but I believe these are related to his Element.


Defining Characteristic: Thrown weapons. The mind immediately goes to ninja throwing stars as that's the symbol, but I could seen other thrown weapons here as well.

Starcast is the only confirmed Ninja at this point and he is sporting a plethora of throwing stars.


Defining Characteristic: Dual-wielding guns.

Dr. Krankcase is a Quickshot with his two small pistols. I would imagine Trigger Happy would fall into this category if the older characters were assigned Battle Classes.


Defining Characteristic: Double-sided weapons.

There's a variety of choices here, but the Sentinels will always carry a longer weapon with instruments of destruction at both ends. Take a look at Barbella, Ember, and Hood Sickle for examples.


Defining Characteristic: Singluar, large, two-handed weapon.

Chopscotch has her axe. Pain-Yatta has his giant lollipop. Tri-Tip has his mace. There's a lot of variety here as well.


Defining Characteristic: In general a staff, but more importantly magic.

As the symbol for this class implies, most of the characters will carry a staff. However, in some cases, such as Dr. Neo Cortex who carries a gun, I think it's the fact that they can perform some sort of magic with their weapon.

Golden Queen and Mysticat are also known Sorcerers.


Defining Characteristic: Two, smaller swords or sabers.

Aurora is the only known Swashbuckler at the moment and we have not yet seen any of her gameplay.