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Skylanders Trap Team

Blades - Series 1Blades

Mini BreezeBreeze

Fling KongFling Kong

Full Blast Jet-Vac - Series 3Full Blast Jet-Vac (S3)

Trap Master - GustoGusto

Mini Pet VacPet Vac


Skylanders SWAP Force

Boom Jet - SWAP ForceBoom Jet

Free RangerFree Ranger

Horn Blast Whirlwind - Series 3Horn Blast Whirlwind

Pop Thorn - Series 1Pop Thorn

Scratch - Series 1Scratch

Turbo Jet-Vac - Series 2Turbo Jet-Vac (S2)

LightCore WarnadoWarnado LightCore

Skylanders Giants

Jet-Vac - Series 1Jet-Vac

Jet-Vac LightCoreJet-Vac LightCore

Lightning Rod - Series 2Lightning Rod

Sonic Boom - Series 2Sonic Boom


Whirlwind - Series 2Whirlwind

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Lightning Rod - Series 1Lightning Rod

Sonic Boom - Series 1Sonic Boom

Warnado - Series 1Warnado

Whirlwind - Series 1Whirlwind

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