Trap Team Pre-Order Update

Another question I’ve been getting quite frequently over the past few weeks is: What can/should I pre-order for Skylanders Trap Team? Well, you can pre-order three (or maybe four depending how you count) different items. What you should pre-order really depends on how patient you are and how much of a collector you are… Possible […]

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SCL Q&A – August 22, 2014

For those who were wondering where last week’s Q&A went, well there wasn’t one. Last week we had tons of great news coming in from Gamescom and all of that news kept flowing in straight through the weekend. So I decided to skip the Q&A and let all the new info sink in. Naturally though, […]

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Skylanders Trap Team Buddy Packs

Here’s an interesting twist… Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Mini Skylanders announcement, has revealed the Skylanders Trap Team Buddy Pack. This particular pack seems to be a Walmart Exlcusive starring Tidal Wave Gill Grunt (Series 4) and the corresponding Mini Skylander Gill Runt. This is the first we’ve heard about Buddy Packs so […]

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Three New Trap Masters and Three New Villains

Gamescom officially opened its doors this morning, so naturally this unleashed a flood of new Skylanders information. New Trap Masters First up is Bushwhack. Many of you probably caught a glimpse of Bushwhack a few weeks back when he was part of the big Skylanders leak. Now, however, it is time for the official reveal. […]

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