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Skylanders Trap Team

Mini BopBop

Fist Bump - Series 1Fist Bump

Trap Master - Head RushHead Rush

Rocky RollRocky Roll

Mini TerrabiteTerrabite

Wallop - Trap MasterWallop

Skylanders SWAP Force

Doom StoneDoom Stone

LightCore FlashwingFlashwing LightCore

Hyper Beam Prism Break - Series 3Hyper Beam Prism Break (S3)

Knockout Terrafin - Series 3Knockout Terrafin (S3)

Rubble RouserRubble Rouser

Scorp - Series 1Scorp

Slobber Tooth - Series 1Slobber Tooth

Skylanders Giants

Bash - Series 2Bash


Flashwing - Series 1Flashwing

Prism Break - Series 2Prism Break

Prism Break LightCorePrism Break LightCore

Terrafin - Series 2Terrafin

Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

Bash - Series 1Bash

Dino-Rang - Series 1Dino-Rang

Prism Break - Series 1Prism Break

Terrafin - Series 1Terrafin

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