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In Skylanders Trap Team, the Villains obviously play a big role. In addition to all the regular collectibles you have to find, defeat and trap all the Villains that escaped from Cloudcracker Prison.

While captured Villains do not level up like Skylanders, they do have one single upgrade available. This upgrade is received upon completion of their Villain Quest.

When you complete a Villain Quest that Villain will evolve. An evolved Villain comes with a few perks. These perks include:

  • “Evolved” will be attached to their name (i.e. Evolved Kaos, Evolved Hood Sickle)
  • Their appearance will change (new color scheme)
  • Their attacks will be strengthened
  • Their timer will lengthen

Some Villain Quests are completed simply by talking to the right person while others will require you to play a mini-game or explore a new area.

The tricky part about the Villain Quests is that they are not always in the same level that you find the Villain. And since you can't change who is in your Traps during a level you have to plan ahead.

So to help you plan ahead, here is a list of all the Villain Quest Locations. Or if you prefer, here's a printable PDF version of the list.

Skylanders Academy

Chapter 1 – Soda Springs

Chapter 2 – Know-It-All Island

Chapter 3 – Chompy Mountain

Chapter 4 – The Phoenix Psanctuary

Chapter 5 – Chef Zeppelin

Chapter 6 – Rainfish Riviera

Chapter 7 – Monster Marsh

Chapter 8 – Telescope Towers

Chapter 9 – Mystic Mill

Chapter 10 – Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink

Chapter 11 – Wilikin Workshop

Chapter 12 – Time Town

Chapter 13 – The Future of Skylands

Chapter 14 – Operation: Troll Rocket Steal

Chapter 15 – Skyhighlands

Chapter 16 – The Golden Desert

Chapter 17 – Lair of the Golden Queen

Chapter 18 – The Ultimate Weapon

Chapter 19 – Midnight Museum (Expansion Pack)

Chapter 20 – Sunscraper Spire (Expansion Pack)

Chapter 21 – Nightmare Express (Adventure Pack)

Chapter 22 – Mirror of Mystery (Adventure Pack)