Below you will find a complete list of all the Skylanders Catchphrases.

First is the list for the newly announced Skylanders SuperChargers. Further down you will see the Master List of all Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure, Giants, SWAP Force, and Trap Team.

Skylanders SuperChargers Catchphrases

Astroblast – Ready, Set, Glow!
Dive-Clops – Look Out Below!
Fiesta – It's Party Time!
High Volt – Protect and Surge!
Nightfall – Dark and Dangerous!
Smash Hit – Let's Rock!
Spitfire – Fuel the Fire!
Splat – The Art of War!
Stormblade – Feather the Storm!
Thrillipede – All Hands on Deck!

Skylanders Catchphrases

Bash – Rock and Roll!
Blackout – Darkness Falls!
Blades – Looking Sharp!
Blast Zone – Blast and Furious!
Blastermind – Mind Over Matter!
Boom Jet – Bombs Away!
Boomer – Bring the Boom!
Bouncer – Deal with the Wheel!
Bumble Blast – The Perfect Swarm!
Bushwhack – Axe to the Max!
Camo – Fruit Punch!
Chill – Stay Cool!
Chop Chop – Slice and Dice!
Chopper – Dino Might!
Cobra Cadabra – Charmed and Ready!
Countdown – I'm the Bomb!
Crusher – It's Crush Hour!
Cynder – Volts and Lightning!
Deja Vu – Did That Just Happen?
Dino-Rang – Come ‘Rang or Shine!
Doom Stone – Another Smash Hit!
Double Trouble – Boom Shock-a-laka!
Drill Sergeant – Licensed to Drill!
Drobot – Blink and Destroy!
Echo – Let's Make Some Noise!
Enigma – Out of Sight!
Dune Bug – Can't Beat the Beetle!
Eruptor – Born to Burn!
Eye-Brawl – I've Got My Eye on You!
Fire Kraken – Burn to be Wild!
Fist Bump – Knock, Knock… Too Late!
Flameslinger – Let the Flames Begin!
Flashwing – Blinded by the Light!
Fling Kong – Monkey See, Monkey Doom!
Food Fight – Eat This!
Free Ranger – Whip Up a Storm!
Freeze Blade – Keeping it Cool!
Fright Rider – Fear the Spear!
Funny Bone – I Have a Bone to Pick!
Fryno – Crash and Burn!
Gearshift – All Geared Up!
Ghost Roaster – No Chain, No Gain!
Gill Grunt – Fear the Fish!
Grilla Drilla – If there's a drill, there's a way!
Grim Creeper – Your Time is Up!
Gusto – Gusts and Glory!
Head Rush – Taking Charge!
Hex – Fear the Dark!
Hoot Loop – Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!
Hot Dog – See Spot Burn!
Hot Head – Hey! I'm on Fire!
Ignitor – Slash and Burn!
Jawbreaker – Down for the Count!
Jet-Vac – Hawk and Awe!
Ka-Boom – Boom Time!
Knight Light – See the Light!
Knight Mare – Nowhere to Hide!
Krypt King – I've Got the Edge!
Lightning Rod – One Strike and You're Out!
Lob-Star – Star Bright, Star Fight!
Magna Charge – Attract to Attack!
Night Shift – Roll with the Punches!
Ninjini – Any Last Wishes?
Pop Fizz – Motion of the Potion!
Pop Thorn – Straight to the Point!
Prism Break – The Beam is Supreme!
Punk Shock – Amp It Up!
Rattle Shake – Go Ahead… Snake My Day!
Rip Tide – Go Fish!
Rocky Roll – Roll With It!
Roller Brawl – Let's Roll!
Rubble Rouser – Brace for Impact!
Scorp – King of the Sting!
Scratch – The Luck of the Claw!
Short Cut – Cut to the Chase!
Shroomboom – He Shoots, He Spores!
Slam Bam – Armed and Dangerous!
Slobber Tooth – Clobber and Slobber!
Smolderdash – A Blaze of Glory!
Snap Shot – Croc and Roll!
Sonic Boom – Full Scream Ahead!
Spotlight – Time to Shine!
Sprocket – The Fix is In!
Spy Rise – It's Classified!
Spyro – All Fired Up!
Star Strike – Shoot for the Stars!
Stealth Elf – Silent But Deadly!
Stink Bomb – Clear the Air!
Stump Smash – Drop the Hammer!
Sunburn – Roast-n-toast!
Swarm – Bring the Sting!
Terrafin – It's Feeding Time!
Thumpback – Hail to the Whale!
Thunderbolt – A Storm is Coming!
Torch – Fire It Up!
Trail Blazer – The Mane Event!
Trap Shadow – Hide and Sleek!
Tread Head – Tread and Shred!
Tree Rex – Be Afraid of the Bark!
Trigger Happy – No Gold, No Glory!
Tuff Luck – It's Your Lucky Day!
Voodood – Axe First, Questions Later!
Wallop – Hammer It Home!
Warnado – For the Wind!
Wash Buckler – Eight Legs and No Pegs!
Wham Shell – Brace for the Mace!
Whirlwind – Twists of Fury!
Wild Fire – Bringing the Heat!
Wind Up – All Wound Up!
Wrecking Ball – Wreck-n-roll!
Zap – Ride the Lightning!
Zoo Lou – Nature Calls!
Zook – Bamboo-Yah!