Battlecast Cards

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Below you will find a complete list of all the Skylanders Battlecast cards.

The cards are split up by element and card type. Then they have been arranged alphabetically.

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Air Gear

Air Gear - Atlas of AgesAtlas of Ages

Air Gear - Beam SplitterBeam Splitter

Air Gear - Chromatic BaubleChromatic Bauble

Air Gear - Duplicator Mark IIDuplicator Mark II

Air Relics

Air Relic - Arkeyan Desk FanArkeyan Desk Fan

Air Relic - Azurite WeathervaneAzurite Weathervane

Air Skylanders

Air Skylander - Jet-VacJet-Vac

Air Skylander - StormbladeStormblade

Air Skylander - WhirlwindWhirlwind

Air Spells

Air Spell - Beam BarrageBeam Barrage

Air Spell - Drainy DayDrainy Day

Air Spell - Dust DevilDust Devil

Air Spell - Finishing BlowFinishing Blow

Air Spell - Forked LightningForked Lightning

Air Spell - GustGust

Air Spell - Heart of the RainbowHeart of the Rainbow

Air Spell - Lightning Claw StanceLightning Claw Stance

Air Spell - Lightning StrikeLightning Strike

Air Spell - ShockShock

Air Spell - Shower of SparksShower of Sparks

Air Spell - Smoke ScreenSmoke Screen

Air Spell - Splintering GaleSplintering Gale

Air Spell - Strafing RunStrafing Run

Air Spell - Sucks To Be YouSucks To Be You

Air Spell - Suction AbductionSuction Abduction

Air Spell - Thunder and LightningThunder and Lightning

Air Spell - Tiny TwisterTiny Twister

Air Spell - Twisted CrystalsTwisted Crystals

Air Spell - Whiplash BashWhiplash Bash

Air Spell - Whirl and SwirlWhirl and Swirl

Air Spell - WindfallWindfall


Earth Gear

Earth Gear - Crystal CudgelCrystal Cudgel

Earth Gear - Dragon's CircletDragon's Circlet

Earth Gear - My Father's HammerMy Father's Hammer

Earth Gear - Rip ChainRip Chain

Earth Relics

Earth Relic - Cobalt CornerstoneCobalt Cornerstone

Earth Relic - Prophetic PickProphetic Pick

Earth Skylanders

Earth Skylander - CrusherCrusher

Earth Skylander - FlashwingFlashwing

Earth Skylander - Smash HitSmash Hit

Earth Spells

Earth Spell - Chain SweepChain Sweep

Earth Spell - ConcussionConcussion

Earth Spell - Crystalline CrustCrystalline Crust

Earth Spell - Drop the HammerDrop the Hammer

Earth Spell - EarthquakeEarthquake

Earth Spell - ExcavateExcavate

Earth Spell - Fault AssaultFault Assault

Earth Spell - Harmonic PulseHarmonic Pulse

Earth Spell - Hit and RunHit and Run

Earth Spell - Hurling BoulderHurling Boulder

Earth Spell - LandslideLandslide

Earth Spell - Meteor StrikeMeteor Strike

Earth Spell - QuicksandQuicksand

Earth Spell - Reflective RayReflective Ray

Earth Spell - Rock Roll'dRock Roll'd

Earth Spell - Rock SolidRock Solid

Earth Spell - Skylithium ScaleSkylithium Scale

Earth Spell - Static PulseStatic Pulse

Earth Spell - Stone StareStone Stare

Earth Spell - Take It For GraniteTake It For Granite

Earth Spell - The MotherlodeThe Motherlode

Earth Spell - Unstoppa-BoulderUnstoppa-Boulder


Fire Gear

Fire Gear - Hot PantsHot Pants

Fire Gear - Magma CoreMagma Core

Fire Gear - Mood RingMood Ring

Fire Gear - Nitro TankNitro Tank

Fire Relics

Fire Relic - BrimstoneBrimstone

Fire Gear - Noxious FirebrandNoxious Firebrand

Fire Skylanders

Fire Skylander - EruptorEruptor

Fire Skylander - Hot HeadHot Head

Fire Skylander - SpitfireSpitfire

Fire Spells

Fire Spell - 5th Degree Burn5th Degree Burn

Fire Spell - Auto FireAuto Fire

Fire Spell - Burning RubberBurning Rubber

Fire Spell - Feel My PainFeel My Pain

Fire Spell - FireballFireball

Fire Spell - Fire HoseFire Hose

Fire Spell - Flame WaveFlame Wave

Fire Spell - Fuel for the FireFuel for the Fire

Fire Spell - Heat StrokeHeat Stroke

Fire Spell - Mad EnergyMad Energy

Fire Spell - Melt DownMelt Down

Fire Spell - MetalmorphosisMetalmorphosis

Fire Spell - Nitromethane BoostNitromethane Boost

Fire Spell - Pyroclastic BlastPyroclastic Blast

Fire Spell - Slow BurnSlow Burn

Fire Spell - Soul ScorchSoul Scorch

Fire Spell - Stoke the FlameStoke the Flame

Fire Spell - Temperature TantrumTemperature Tantrum

Fire Spell - Thermal VentThermal Vent

Fire Spell - Too Hot To HandleToo Hot to Handle

Fire Spell - TorchnadoTorchnado

Fire Spell - Trial By FireTrial By Fire


Life Gear

Life Gear - Resurrection RingResurrection Ring

Life Gear - ScorncrowScorncrow

Life Gear - Ten Gallon HatTen Gallon Hat

Life Gear - ThorncasterThorncaster

Life Relics

Life Relic - Ageless BonsaiAgeless Bonsai

Life Relic - Heart of the ForestHeart of the Forest

Life Skylanders

Life Skylander - Food FightFood Fight

Life Skylander - Stealth ElfStealth Elf

Life Skylander - Tree RexTree Rex

Life Spells

Life Spell - All You Can EatAll You Can Eat

Life Spell - Back To Your RootsBack to You Roots

Life Spell - BloomBloom

Life Spell - Collective StrengthCollective Strength

Life Spell - Cull the WeakCull the Weak

Life Spell - Feast of FuryFeast of Fury

Life Spell - Grape ShotGrape Shot

Life Spell - Growth SpurtGrowth Spurt

Life Spell - Juice BoxJuice Box

Life Spell - Leafy GreensLeafy Greens

Life Spell - Muscle SproutsMuscle Sprouts

Life Spell - Nature's FuryNature's Fury

Life Spell - Nightshade OilNightshade Oil

Life Spell - Ninja StrikeNinja Strike

Life Spell - Pump It UpPump It Up

Life Spell - RootRoot

Life Spell - Sap of the AncientsSap of the Ancients

Life Spell - Tap and SapTap and Sap

Life Spell - Tree PartyTree Party

Life Spell - Tree WreckedTree Wrecked

Life Spell - Tribal LoreTribal Lore

Life Spell - Trickster's TrapTrickster's Trap


Magic Gear

Magic Gear - Ampli-FlierAmpli-Flier

Magic Gear - Soda FountainSoda Fountain

Magic Gear - Star Shell StopperStar Shell Stopper

Magic Gear - Warp HatWarp Hat

Magic Relics

Magic Relic - Arcane PrismArcane Prism

Magic Relic - Ob's WandOb's Wand

Magic Skylanders

Magic Skylander - NinjiniNinjini

Magic Skylander - Pop FizzPop Fizz

Magic Skylander - SpyroSpyro

Magic Spells

Magic Spell - Abraca-Stab-RaAbraca-Stab-Ra

Magic Spell - Abra-KaboomAbra-Kaboom

Magic Spell - Bottle ClockedBottle Clocked

Magic Spell - Buurrrp!Buurrrp!

Magic Spell - ChuggernautChuggernaut

Magic Spell - Dragon DiveDragon Dive

Magic Spell - Essence IgnitionEssence Ignition

Magic Spell - Fizz! Bang!Fizz! Bang!

Magic Spell - Fortune TellingFortune Telling

Magic Spell - Horns FirstHorns First

Magic Spell - Loco-PotionLoco-Potion

Magic Spell - Magic MayhemMagic Mayhem

Magic Spell - Mind ReaderMind Reader

Magic Spell - Nether WarpNether Warp

Magic Spell - Orbital StrikeOrbital Strike

Magic Spell - RerunRerun

Magic Spell - Rippling PulseRippling Pulse

Magic Spell - Sigil of the DragonSigil of the Dragon

Magic Spell - SpyromaniaSpyromania

Magic Spell - SwitcherooSwitcheroo

Magic Spell - Thought TheftThought Theft

Magic Spell - Wishful ThinkingWishful Thinking


Tech Gear

Tech Gear - Arkeyan Battle ArmorArkeyan Battle Armor

Tech Gear - BombreroBombrero

Tech Gear - Cog of WarCog of War

Tech Gear - Galvanic ArmorGalvanic Armor

Tech Gear - The Double-izerThe Double-izer

Tech Relics

Tech Relic - Forcefield GeneratorForcefield Generator

Tech Relic - Krankcase's CageKrankcase's Cage

Tech Relic - Mobile GeneratorMobile Generator

Tech Skylanders

Tech Skylander - CountdownCountdown

Tech Skylander - JawbreakerJawbreaker

Tech Skylander - Trigger HappyTrigger Happy

Tech Spells

Tech Spell - About To BlowAbout to Blow

Tech Spell - BackblastBackblast

Tech Spell - Bowl of BoomBowl of Boom

Tech Spell - Call to ArmsCall to Arms

Tech Spell - CopycatCopycat

Tech Spell - Do You Feel Lucky?Do You Feel Lucky?

Tech Spell - HaywireHaywire

Tech Spell - Jackpot!Jackpot

Tech Spell - Merchant of MenaceMerchant of Menace

Tech Spell - Power PummelPower Pummel

Tech Spell - Put A Gun On ItPut a Gun on It

Tech Spell - Re-FuseRe-Fuse

Tech Spell - RummageRummage

Tech Spell - SabotageSabotage

Tech Spell - Short CircuitShort Circuit

Tech Spell - Skylithium SurgeSkylithium Surge

Tech Spell - Starting From ScrapStarting From Scrap

Tech Spell - Surprise-A-TechSurprise-A-Tech

Tech Spell - Virtual RamVirtual Ram

Tech Spell - Warly BirdsWarly Birds


Undead Gear

Undead Gear - Blades of GoryBlades of Gory

Undead Gear - Cursed ChokerCursed Choker

Undead Gear - Titan's HiltTitan's Hilt

Undead Gear - Vanishing CloakVanishing Cloak

Undead Relics

Undead Relic - Forgotten HeadstoneForgotten Headstone

Undead Relic - Masker Mind's PrisonMasker Mind's Prison

Undead Relic - Vampiric VialVampiric Vial

Undead Skylanders

Undead Skylander - HexHex

Undead Skylander - Krypt KingKrypt King

Undead Skylander - Roller BrawlRoller Brawl

Undead Spells

Undead Spell - Alluring CharmAlluring Charm

Undead Spell - Bat AttackBat Attack

Undead Spell - Boo!Boo!

Undead Spell - Close ShaveClose Shave

Undead Spell - Cutting AheadCutting Ahead

Undead Spell - Disco BrawlDisco Brawl

Undead Spell - Foreboding CurseForeboding Curse

Undead Spell - Graveyard Grudge MatchGraveyard Grudge Match

Undead Spell - Impending DoomImpending Doom

Undead Spell - JinxedJinxed

Undead Spell - Leeching MistLeeching Mist

Undead Spell - Lights OutLights Out

Undead Spell - Mine BlownMine Blown

Undead Spell - Raise Your HandsRaise Your Hands

Undead Spell - Restless SpiritRestless Spirit

Undead Spell - Show Me the MummyShow Me the Mummy

Undead Spell - Slice of LifeSlice of Life

Undead Spell - Soul SurvivorSoul Survivor

Undead Spell - Swarm WelcomeSwarm Welcome

Undead Spell - Touch of DarknessTouch of Darkness

Undead Spell - WeakenWeaken


Water Gear

Water Gear - Amulet of HealingAmulet of Healing

Water Gear - Electric EelElectric Eel

Water Gear - Mermasquid BucklerMermasquid Buckler

Water Gear - XL500 ScopeXL500 Scope

Water Relics

Water Relic - Chill Bill's CoolerChill Bill's Cooler

Water Relic - Everflowing FountainEverflowing Fountain

Water Relic - Kraken's BeakKraken's Beak

Water Skylanders

Water Skylander - Rip TideRip Tide

Water Skylander - Snap ShotSnap Shot

Water Skylander - Wash BucklerWash Buckler

Water Spells

Water Spell - Can of KelpCan of Kelp

Water Spell - DouseDouse

Water Spell - Flash FloodFlash Flood

Water Spell - Go FishGo Fish

Water Spell - Healing RainHealing Rain

Water Spell - Hook ShotHook Shot

Water Spell - Ice StormIce Storm

Water Spell - Jellyfish SquallJellyfish Squall

Water Spell - Paralyzing InkParalyzing Ink

Water Spell - Ride the WaveRide the Wave

Water Spell - RustRust

Water Spell - Shark AttackShark Attack

Water Spell - Snow BlindSnow Blind

Water Spell - Splish SplashSplish Splash

Water Spell - Stink or SwimStink or Swim

Water Spell - Tangled KelpTangled Kelp

Water Spell - Tidal WaveTidal Wave

Water Spell - Traptanium ArrowTraptanium Arrow

Water Spell - Trick ShotTrick Shot

Water Spell - WaterfallWaterfall

Water Spell - Whale WhompWhale Whomp


Non-Elemental Gear

Non-Elemental Gear - Bladed BracersBladed Bracers

Non-Elemental Gear - Chalk AlbatrossChalk Albatross

Non-Elemental Gear - Ghost SwordsGhost Swords

Non-Elemental Gear - Rawhide BucklerRawhide Buckler

Non-Elemental Gear - Shield of ElementsShield of Elements

Non-Elemental Gear - Shiny HelmetShiny Helmet

Non-Elemental Gear - Sky Iron ShieldSky Iron Shield

Non-Elemental Gear - Training SwordTraining Sword

Non-Elemental Relics

Non-Elemental Relic - Arkeyan Ice ChestArkeyan Ice Chest

Non-Elemental Relic - Crystal of ClarityCrystal of Clarity

Non-Elemental Relic - Dusty MegaphoneDusty Megaphone

Non-Elemental Spells

Non-Elemental Spell - AnvilancheAnvilanche

Non-Elemental Spell - AnviliteAnvilite

Non-Elemental Spell - Anvil RainAnvil Rain

Non-Elemental Spell - Archer's VolleyArcher's Volley

Non-Elemental Spell - BaitBait

Non-Elemental Spell - BreakBreak

Non-Elemental Spell - ChargeCharge

Non-Elemental Spell - Critical CareCritical Care

Non-Elemental Spell - EnergizeEnergize

Non-Elemental Spell - EntangleEntangle

Non-Elemental Spell - Eon's JudgementEon's Judgement

Non-Elemental Spell - Eon's MightEon's Might

Non-Elemental Spell - Exer-SizeExer-Size

Non-Elemental Spell - First AidFirst Aid

Non-Elemental Spell - Goodie BagGoodie Bag

Non-Elemental Spell - Healing ElixirHealing Elixir

Non-Elemental Spell - Hearty MealHearty Meal

Non-Elemental Spell - Hit the BooksHit the Books

Non-Elemental Spell - IntimidateIntimidate

Non-Elemental Spell - JabJab

Non-Elemental Spell - MedivacMedivac

Non-Elemental Spell - Mining 101Mining 101

Non-Elemental Spell - Northern LightsNorthern Lights

Non-Elemental Spell - Portal BlastPortal Blast

Non-Elemental Spell - Portal RupturePortal Rupture

Non-Elemental Spell - Potion of PowerPotion of Power

Non-Elemental Spell - Power SurgePower Surge

Non-Elemental Spell - Restoring RayRestoring Ray

Non-Elemental Spell - ScryScry

Non-Elemental Spell - Shaman's SalveShaman's Salve

Non-Elemental Spell - ShowdownShowdown

Non-Elemental Spell - ShushShush

Non-Elemental Spell - SmashSmash

Non-Elemental Spell - Snack AttackSnack Attack

Non-Elemental Spell - SnipeSnipe

Non-Elemental Spell - StompStomp

Non-Elemental Spell - StumbleStumble

Non-Elemental Spell - Sudden SwarmSudden Swarm

Non-Elemental Spell - The TempestThe Tempest

Non-Elemental Spell - VaccinateVaccinate

Non-Elemental Spell - WallopWallop